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  • MoriMoonpaw's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @thecorf Awesome, welcome to the Legion community! 😎 Thanks for the intro.

    I'm the same with instant coffee - I ran out of my usual coffee pods (I have a Nespresso machine) and had to resort to instant this morning. A little bit of milk (sometimes a bit of sugar too) and it's ok. ☕

    Gaming tattoos!!! I'd love something related to World of Warcraft. Got tattoos but unfortunately not (yet) gaming-related. Unless you count X-Files which had a game or two made of it back in the day. 😄 Do you plan to add any more some day? 😊
    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​☕ Hi I'm Marion and I'm part of the Legion Community Team!
  • thecorf's Avatar
    Level 1
    @MoriMoonpaw yeah my best friend is a tattoo artist so she has done all but 2 of my tattoos (which i think is 18 or 19 by now) and we're planning to do a full nerdy/gaming sleeve, which we're halfway through now! Thinking of what to add next, it might be something RuneScape related
  • MoriMoonpaw's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @thecorf ...if you have any space left 😅

    Good luck with the rest of the sleeve - a nerdy gaming sleeve sounds excellent 😁👍
  • MNaumannDK's Avatar
    Level 1
    I play a lot with my kids.
    I'm family father. I fell in 2015 and am now in a wheelchair.
    I've been playing computer games since 1982.
    I play most strategy games. I have been playing EVE Online, Diablo, Star Citizen and Runes of Magic.
    World of Tanks and CS-GO and more. I also play once in a while, or other shooting games. I'm a little into it all.
    ​​​​​​​I love I can make time with my kids even when I am in a wheelchair. It gives a great satisfaction and zest for life.
  • MoriMoonpaw's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @MNaumannDK Hi there thanks for posting an intro and welcome to the Nordic Legion community! 👋

    Ooh, CSGO I've just started playing too and LOVE IT. We had our first CSGO community game night recently, where we played together with Team Legion and a couple of members to start with, and it was a lot of fun. 😁 Let me know if you'd like to join in sometime.

    I've heard of World of Tanks butnot played it myself (yet). Also seen a few others on here also interested in that game so maybe we can play together that too at some point? 👍

    What games do your kids like to play? 😊
  • Girls Legion's Avatar
    Level 1
    Hey everybody

    Thought this would be just the right place to introduce our community as well <3

    We are Lenovo Girls Legion! A Danish initiative backed by Lenovo to support women gamers and start the conversation about sexism in online gaming-communities!

    So far we have taken the conversation to prime time Danish TV, created our own events and joined others as well as created our FB group and discord servers to act as a safe space for women gamers, who need a break from the hassle of unregulated online communities.

    We are not done here though! We have dreams about making women tournaments, facilitate free coaching and growing our community beyond the borders of Denmark. Actually we are launching in Norway this week, and are terribly exited about it :D

    Posting for the GL on this community will mainly be done by me... My name is Niels, and I am the project manager for the Girls Legion initiative... I'm an old-school RPG-kinda guy and have enjoyed the hell out of series like Baldur's Gate, Mass Effect and The Witcher.. I also really liked the Fallout series, until it became bad!
    Oh and I'm also a hard-stuck Silver II Teemo one-trick-pony in LoL by the way... No regrets!

    We could use all the help we could get, and we have a lot of work to do... So I humbly request everybody reading this to send their scandinavian gamer-friends our way... Or just check us out yourself at girlslegion.gg

    PS: And before anybody gets all pissy and mentions the fact that a man is in charge of a initiative like this... Let me just state the fact, that my boss is very much a woman...
    I am not the general! I'm more like colonel perhaps... But a colonel can still grab a troop of legionnaires to kick some barbarian ass! Let's go!
  • MoriMoonpaw's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Girls Legion Hi colonel Niels 😁 awesome thanks so much for introducing your group on here. Welcome!!

    Amazing and important initiatives and I would for sure join a women's gaming tournament some day in the future by the way so keep me posted. 😁 And congrats on launching in Norway!

    Looking forward to some future activities together perhaps, with your Girls Legion community and our Legion EMEA community here - we are also all about having a fun, safe, friendly and inclusive gaming environment both here on the forums and also in our game nights and gaming activities. 🤗

    Oh, Mass Effect - I'm actually playing through the trilogy at the moment. So nostalgic! It's a bit slow going as I alternate between that and a bunch of other games right now but aiming to progress soon to the 2nd game.

    See you around on the community! 👋