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    Hello everyone!

    It's time to get your groove on! Fun fact: today (April 29th) is International Dance Day! A celebration day for those who can see the value and importance of the art form dance!

    And game developers do if the army of dance games is any indication. Personally, I was never really into those types of games, but here is an example that I know of, as I am familiar with the Persona franchise:

    But this is the only example I more or less know. Is there anyone here who is a dance game-savvy gamer? Do you know better examples?

    But because purely dancing games are not my forte, for the approaching dance day I thought it'd be nice to remember nice dancing moves in the games that are not primarily focused on dances. So sit back and get comfortable, for there are many dances to see and remember, as Dancer from Shovel Knight says, dance is the greatest treasure!

    And we begin (or continue) with a man with two left feet and the enemy of reapers everywhere, Captain Shepard:

    But to be fair, Shepard can actually dance quite well, but that fact is well hidden. To see that, you need to play as female Shepard and have a romance with Garrus. Play your cards right, and Garrus will make her shake that booty. It takes two to tango:

    And that's tango in the club. Speaking of clubs, some of you may remember dancing in one in Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, to the now iconic Isolated by Chiasm:

    Ah, those jerky physics, so nostalgic. We're still waiting for the second part (Paradox Interactive, I am looking at you). But if the trailer for it to be a clue, it seems that the game grew more classy than it's predecessor:

    Something to look forward to! But for now, let's remember another great RPG and catch a glimpse of Geralt/Vladimir dancing with Shani:

    And to wrap up our dance tour, let's make a trip to the 1980s Japan where a famous (ex) Yakuza was bringing the heat to the disco stage:

    Noone outdances the Dragon of Dojima!

    And I am sure there are many more dances that I have not seen or did not remember. Do you know any good dances in video games you'd want to share with everyone?

    See if on this special dancing day you may be in the mood to think of any, and remember: life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass… It's about learning to dance in the rain!
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    @DoctorEldritch wow, Garrus got moves. Never thought I was going to see a space alien dancing tango, but here we are.

    That scene from the Witcher III is one of my favourite of all times, there's even a hilarious salsa version lol 🕺

    Anyone else remembers any other dance in a game?
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