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    Hello, Legion gamers!

    Today is the International Dance Day! But here at Legion the music never stops because, guess what, tomorrow (30th of April) is the International Jazz Day! 🎶

    But jazz has long outgrown the venue of nightclubs and concerts and made its way into video games (and my heart). And what better day to remember some games that brought us some jazzy soundtracks? So make sure your headphones or speakers are well-tuned, for here are our top picks...

    We'll start our musical journey in the city of El Marrow, where Manuel Calaveras adventures had jazz to die for:

    Speaking of more macabre games, has anyone here played The Sexy Brutale? A game where you need to save the guests of an exquisite mansion from dying while being trapped in a time-loop, and all the while listening to some awesome music:

    Or, if you're into bigger (and more conventional) mysteries, why not travel to L.A. and do some detective work to the beat of the heart of the City of Angels?

    Or, for those of you who prefer more whimsical detective adventures, why not join two Freelance Policemen in a whacky version of New York?

    Those who fancy something not less whimsical, but more recent (and MUCH more challenging), well, the groovy beats of Cuphead may be just what you need:

    Groovy! After a theme like that, one may want a pause with something milder. And where best to look for a breather than at the bottom of the sea... Luckily, there is a perfect little city down there filled with rapturous music:

    And if jazz could make it there, jazz can make it anywhere! No wonder then, that even after a nuclear apocalypse, jazz rises from the ashes to be heard across the Wasteland:

    Though to be fair, Fallout is a treasure cove for all jazz lovers, it has so many. This is the one I think is best, but try and prove me wrong!

    And, finally, to finish ur musical journey, any post about games and jazz would be incomplete without mentioning a very special game: Genesis Noir! This game is so centered around jazz, it's like...if jazz and video games had a baby, this is what it would be. It is quite a short and simple fable exploration game, but the way it uses music is sublime! Have a taste:

    A must-play for jazz lovers everywhere.

    With that, my jazz musings are over. Which one did you like best?

    Though I am sure there are many more examples out there that I have not yet heard! Please tell me I am not the only one who loves jazz around here! Do we have any jazz connoisseurs here in Legion who can remember other groovy pieces?
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    I think this fits the theme quite well, and the music is so nice I had to put it here:

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    @LilySensei (Paty) Nice! It would also go nicely in the dance post (she's got moves!), but fits perfectly here!