Forum update: Arabic community & English-language expansion

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    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to share a few recent forum updates with you which we're very excited about! 😁

    We have a new Arabic-language Legion Community!
    We've been working on a new area here on the community for those who'd like to engage in Arabic. So if you check over here, you can find our new Arabic-language Legion Community! 🥳 Our Community Manager @Tamara did a great job translating everything you can see there from English to Arabic and it's really cool to see it now live. 👏 Looking forward to seeing conversations starting in the new boards (although sadly I won't be able to understand the discussions myself!). 😄

    If by any chance there are any Arabic speakers reading this here in the Nordic community then do pop over to the new section to chat in Arabic! 😎

    English "central" section has expanded!
    You might have spotted that our previous 3 English-language boards including the Community Lobby have now expanded into the 5 different discussion boards that we have in our other language/country communities as well. So in the English-language section we now have:
    Welcome, News & Announcements
    Discussions & Feedback
    Gaming & Events
    Help & Advice
    Off Topic

    For now, our Community Info & FAQs board remains the only "floating" area where everyone can check out forum FAQs, the community guidelines etc. in English.

    We decided to make this change so that 1) our Middle-East and Africa community members who don't speak Arabic (for example members from South Africa) will still have a great place to chat here in the community now that the Arabic section was launched. And 2) anyone else who would like to join in the conversations and be a part of our community who are outside of our main 4 regions (Nordic, Italy, Spain, Middle-East & Africa) will also have a place to connect and talk about Legion and gaming (and anything else), not just in one board. 🤗 And also 3) if members from our various regions wish to chat all together (or to arrange international gaming sessions for example), the English-language space is perfect for that too.

    Language selector has been added
    And the 3rd improvement we've pushed live at the same time is an improved way to select your forum language - there's a new "globe" icon at the top and when you hover over it, you can see the different language communities listed. If you speak Spanish for example, just click on Español and you'll get to the Spanish community, in Spanish. 👍
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