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    Call of Duty Warzone new map: Verdansk 84

    Hey guys, happy Friday!

    Who's playing CoD? Have you checked out the new map yet that was added yesterday to Warzone? 😎 What are your first impressions?

    The old Verdansk map got nuked, and the new one is actually the same area but we've gone back in time to see it in 1984. Did you see the timetravel cutscene? 😁🌍
    I haven't properly played it myself yet but from what I saw quickly I'm liking the changes (especially the colours! Yes that sort of thing is important to me lol and also it's less dilapitated). Apparently there's some improvements to sniping spots which sounds promising, and some more stuff to do, but I'll check it for myself when I get in (hopefully this weekend). 😄 Oh, and, new weapons!

    Verdansk 84 trailer:

    What do you think of the new map guys if you played it already? What changes did you spot so far that you like? Does it make the game more interesting now? Any new favourite spots to land or is it all the same? Let me know 😄

    Edit: Just to add, don't spoil yourself 👀 but there's proper details now on the Warzone website detailing the changes / improvements / points of interest! 👍
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