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    Hey Legion Gamers!

    In the spirit of celebrating each day, yesterday we talked about Light and games that use it (thanks again, @j7schultz!). Well, today is another day and another chance to celebrate something, and it so happens that today is World Baking Day! Do we have any bakers around here?

    As usual, we'll try to remember some games that would fit the theme. And while baking is a bit more specialized than more universal "cooking", there are games that come to mind that focus on this particular activity. Have a taste:

    We'll start with something cute and adorable, a little game called Lemon Cake. This one is a light and easygoing management game:

    Makes you think of cozy games like the Stardew Valley or My Time at Portia. And you can even turn your bakery into a cat cafe, so bonus points from me for that!

    But if you're more into first-person simulators, then there is an option to run your baking shop with Bakery Shop Simulator. You get to run your bakery with full immersion:

    Though this particular game puts a bit more emphasis on actually running the bakery business than purely baking, so maybe a better fit for those of the management persuasion.

    A similar, but better-looking (and newer) game with more focus on baking would be Bakery Simulator. That one puts more emphasis on baking, you even get to roll that dough however you like:

    Less management and more baking. Though it does give you an option to have little driving episodes delivering your buns around the city, so would appeal to race lovers, too.

    And we'll wrap up our baking exposition here. Of course, there are a lot more cooking and baking simulators out there, particularly in mobile gaming, so chances are, everyone could find a perfect game to satisfy baking needs. Do you have a baking game you like best?
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    Wow, that one is super hard. I like Overcooked (1 and 2), but they are not exclusively about baking.

    Same with The Sims franchise. You can bake birthday cakes, wedding cakes, regular cakes at home, or run a bakery, but it's not a baking game:

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    @j7schultz Overcooked is nice, but you're quite right, it is more about cooking in general. Has nice baking bits, though, true!

    And Sims is such a colossus now, it can fit so much. I guess we could call it a "baker lifestyle simulator", sort of?

    PS; Those macaroons look scrumptious.