Hello Legion Gamers!

Continuing our theme of the day posts, today is International Museum Day! A perfect day for a visit to the museum. When was the last time you visited one?

Personally, I like the small thematic museums, those little cabinets of curiosities focused on something bizarrely specific, like Broken Relationships or Cupnoodles or Dog Collar. From lawnmowers to pencils, museums have something for everyone!

So it came as a bit of a surprise that museums are not that often featured in video games. Personally, I could only remember 3 examples, so here is my exposition:

We'll start with a game so old (1994) that it has no trailer to show, just a screenshot. The Museum Madness game. Here, you play as a little boy who needs to solve puzzles in a museum to fix a computer virus while learning some facts along the way (it is an educational game):

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The next one is based on a film, and it's Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. As in the film, play as a night guard in a museum where exhibitions come to life every night. If you liked the film, give visiting this night museum a shot:

Finally, there is one based on a different (and, in my humble opinion, much better) film: Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Play as a famous ghost exterminating team, and in one of the levels, you get to crash the party in the museum. Spooky!

Those are all the museums I could remember. Though truth be told, I am not a big fan of shooters, maybe some of those have good museum levels I don't know about. Any shooter-lovers around?

And to conclude our museum tour, I'll leave you with one very special museum that every gamer should try to visit: National Videogame Museum! Be sure to try and drop by next time you're in that neighborhood!