Hello Legion Gamers!

Good news! We at Legion keep adding new useful functions to make it as easy and comfortable as possible! In our latest addition, we introduced 2 exciting new features for all to use: the "Latest activity" and "Followed tags" tabs!

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You now have 3 different ways to look at what's happening in the Community with these tabs. The Community tab will look familiar and, as always, will show you all the latest new threads.

The "Latest activity" tab, on the other hand, is focused on the latest activity in general, and instead of new threads will show you all recent replies and comments across the community. A nice new way to check what everyone is up to!

And "Followed tags" tab brings in a little personal touch and will only show you the threads and posts that have tags you subscribed to. This will allow you to single out topics that are most interesting for you and always access them easily!

So check those new functions out and start subscribing to tags you like! And tell us how you like these new functions in the comments! Or even suggest what new functions you'd want next!