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@AirBnBacon thanks for the tip!! Now I have a new to-do list, love it because I'm always on the look for good coffee (the price of the Yirgacheffee though 😯, I'd have to drink it like once a week to make it work, I drink way too much coffee 😁) and stick with Colombian coffee the rest of the days!

oh most definitely...

Back when i lived in Australia, i had an artisian roaster pretty much just down the road, that sourced and roasted their own beans, including yergacheffe.. it's very hard to find up here in Sweden and the price is astronomical. But, it's an absolute must have for those "simply me" moments where you just want to spend some time with you own head. It's also a very nice coffee to use in combination with a cold drip setup. If you haven't tried that before either (not cold brew, but cold drip) you NEED that in your life!!!

the light flowery flavours, combined with a slight citrus end taste makes it perfect for it.. If you can't get hold of a cold drip setup, then it's fairly easy to make your own.

What i do is take a regular coffee funnel, for a cheap coffee machine, place it above another one (so two on top of each other).. put ice cubes in the top, and then grind beans at course and fine (course first, fine second), place it over a tea candle holder and then just let it sit there over night..