Milan 21st of!

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    Hello, Legion gamers!

    As we shared with you last week, the new Lenovo Gen 7 devices were presented in Milan on May 21st! Even featuring the G2 Esports Gozen team!

    But Milan is far away. So to keep you all in the know, here's our compilation of interesting moments, compiled with the help of my colleague from the Italian Legion community @Wersus!

    And I'd like to say thank you to our Italian community members who were able to attend the presentation and shared their photos with us. Thank you @Ken3cento and @Lascax!

    So, here's how it went down...

    Name:  Spazio Lenovo Evento 21 maggio Legion Gen 7.jpg
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    Just outside the event venue. Everything is so stylish and classy...

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    Here is a scoop of the presentation inside. Apex of Performance for everyone!

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    No event is complete without a commemorative picture! Here are our awesome members. Thank you @Ken3cento for the photo!

    Name:  MrMiedema.jpg
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    And here is @Lascax with Mister Miedema, a presenter of Legion 7 products. They had a nice long talk about the future of Lenovo. Thank you for the photo @Lascax!

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    We also got a chance to check out the guest of honour of the whole event, the Legion 7 itself!

    Name:  IMG-20220521-WA0021.jpg
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    And its slimmer counterpart, Legion Slim 7! Don't they look lovely?

    Name:  IMG-20220521-WA0015.jpg
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    Then it was time for Gozen Q&A. The awesome gaming ladies answered some questions from our community members!

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    And signed some posters for them! Collectable items!

    Name:  IMG-20220521-WA0019.jpg
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    Not to mention the cool gaming session they had together. Trying yourself against champions is a good (and fun) way to learn!

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    And at the end, they even took a photo together with our members!

    And to wrap up reliving this spectacular presentation here is a video of Gozen Q&A session. If you asked a question, check out if it was asked!

    What a fantastic event, with many more to come!

    Which part did you like best?

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    It was an awesome event!

    Everything and Everyone was awesome!
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    Thank you @Ken3cento! This is how we roll in Legion!