Hello Legion gamers!

Heads-up: EpicGameStore has a Megasale till the 16th of June!

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We can get so many games cheaper than usual. Even new big titles like Deathloop or Ghostwire: Tokyo!

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And some are sold at a mere fraction of the cost! Check out XCOM2, for example:

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90% off! Too bad I finished it already and am after something new, or I'd grab it! Personally, I am more tempted by Iratus: Lord of the Dead:

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80% off and I haven't tried it yet. Will be a good warm-up before the Darkest Dungeon II comes out.

But there are many more games to explore, so start browsing. There is something for everyone! I know our @QueenTomato has an eye on Uno, and @DracoTarot is looking at Red Dead Redemption II (loved it myself), Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Back for Blood (haven't tried those 2 yet).

What about you? Does any game on sale catch your eye?