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    Hey, so as @QueenTomato and @LockOut suggested, I'm making a post talking about Poly-art.
    Poly art is the simplest form of digital art, it's just some polygons drawn and filled with colours on a real image. As an example of this Eagle art, which was my main and first art of such:


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    Original Photo


    Name:  Eagle Abstract.jpg
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    The process can be satisfying if your persistent enough to do it all. It's not difficult at all, easy to learn and do. It just time consuming a bit. I mainly use Inkscape, any illustrator-like softwares will do the job.
    I learned to do a poly art in inkscape through this video if you're intersted.

    I'm pretty sure we all did some sort of an art. Even if not polyart, what digital or ascetically art did you make, including logos, cartoons, photoshops, 3d models even! I'm sure everyone here including me also wants to see your works, however bad it is. You don't need to have it as a full time hobby to do it, it might be fun to make one at your free time, so try it out if you haven't. You can find many examples by simply googling it, or using public image websites like this one.

    Thanks for reading, hope you all have something to show.
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    That's nice, and I really like the accent details like a dark patch on the eagle's head or a white patch on his body.

    Though I have to admit, I do not do any visual art. Though if Inkscape is free, it could be interesting to try but, as you said, it may require a lot of time. Can you say roughly how long it took to do an eagle, for reference?
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    @DoctorEldritch Ye inkscape is cpnpletely free and open source, very powerful as well.
    The main thing you always focus on are the different colours, if you focus on every small details it will look very similar to the real image, which is sometimes not what we want. It's also always better to make triangles, but takes more time.

    As for the time it takes, it definetly depends on the image and how many different colors there are. As for the eagle I made, it was my very first Poly art ever, and it was a school project when the lockdown started for my art class.
    ​​​​​​​So I don't comepletly remember how long it took, I think I did some of it daily, without the fact that the software crashed a lot at the begining and I lost a lot of progress. It could have been a prpblem with my old laptop. But always make sure to save periodically, it may have auto saves but don't depend on it.

    So I'd say it may take between an hour or three depending on how detailed you go. Never rush it though, might come out badly.
    If time is a problem, you can make it a daily task, even if 15 minutes a day.

    I'm open to more questions if you have any.
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    @AviationGamerX an hour to three seems manageable. I did not expect it to take as long as, say, Mona Lisa did, but on average I thought it'd take a few days (time-wise) to do, like the actual painting. finding a few hours, though, should not be that challenging.

    Though visual arts were never my forte, to be honest, I was never quite satisfied with the result when I had to do them back in school.

    How do you go about finding a subject? For example, in this case, why the eagle? Just for practice?
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    @DoctorEldritch I actually didn't know what to at first, when I got the assignment, I was thinking about some some cool astetical shapes that looks artistic. But the I heard of poly art, and looked for any cool image on Pixabay, I looked for nice looking animals, and this eagle picture came across and I just though it looks nice. So yeah. If you want a picture look for anything you like on image websites like Pixabay.
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    @AviationGamerX Why animals and not landscape or buildings? Is it easier to start with animals, or was it just personal preference?
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    @DoctorEldritch I just feel animals would look or fot better with polyart, buildings don't usually have many different colours, if you find anytying that would looks nice on polyart, then sure go for it. I just felt that animals or creatures would look better as a start.
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    Not every building, of course, but some iconic ones can be quite colourful. Something from Hundertwasser, maybe...

    Name:  hundertwasser-house-austria1.jpg
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    This is so cool! I always think I can't do anything artistic but after watching the video I feel like I could try it out!!

    Thank you for sharing!
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    @AviationGamerX not a picture just yet, but fun fact: today is World Art Nouveau Day. Did you ever try to Poly-art something in that style?