After I reseted my laptop a week ago all my games no longer run smoothly. I first realised it in Hitman 3 that the game really lagged alot.
Then I looked how much FPS I got and sure enough sometimes it often dips under 20 FPS usually it's around 30 FPS which is weird for a gaming laptop with a RTX 3080 and a AMD 5900HX.
After that I looked with Taskmanager while the games was running how much the game uses. It's 1-2% GPU usage at all time. CPU usage is around 10-20%. I don't think that's normal.
So I googled and found all kind of things, like disabling the battery in the bios or putting the game in performance mode (under windows) or disabling Hybrid mode or selecting the discrete graphics in the bios. I did all that plus updating the NVIDIA drivers nothing helped.
Is there anything left I can do?
Here is a screenshot of the usage in Taskmanager and HWMonitor maybe that helps finding the problem.
It would be really appreciated if I could play my games lagfree again :)
Best regards
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