Get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass, with selected Legion laptops!

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    Hi, i want the Game Pass PC for 3 months!

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    مرحبا ، سعيد لوجودي هنا. أود حقًا الحصول على جهاز كمبيوتر XBox Game Pass.
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    Hy My name is youssef I am currently working and I need a laptop, but I cannot buy a laptop and currently I am broke, so I hope you are my only chance and thank you
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    Hello everyone!

    Please be patient until Community Managers see your introductions/messages. They do have more information about this matter, but I am not sure if we do have any Xbox Game Pass for PC codes left! I am pretty sure at least most of them have already been given out.

    EDIT: From the starting post written by @DoctorEldritch:

    "[Please note] Previously distributed promotional codes are sold out. However, the promotion linked to Legion devices is in place and does not require any code."

    ​​​​​​​So on, everyone, unfortunately all the Xbox Game Pass for PC codes have been given out - unless you have bought a selected Legion tower/laptop.

    And @you7777sef, if you are here for a competition in which you do have a chancw to win a Lenovo Legion Gaming laptop, check out! written by MEA (Middle-Easy and Africa) Community Manager @QueenTomato.

    ​​​​​​​This is the Hub and the competition is for MEA countries only.
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