Scariest video game ever? 😱

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    @Paty Book me in, well up for that. YouTube or Twitch? I can make you guys moderators in the chat so you can spice up the convo, do polls etc.
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    I don't often play scary games because they creep me out 😄 however my favourite game series, F.E.A.R., happens to be scary and I loved it! The genre is just "action" though, not specifically horror. Gave me some jumps and creeps. I played it years ago and happened to now find it on Steam, and on sale too so happily installed. Now just need to find the courage to play it again 😅😨

    FEAR complete pack is actually on sale at least in my area here still in case anyone's interested, just had a look. You can get the whole series -80%!
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