Hey guys! Happy Friday!

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We're planning for more fun game nights following the one we had with G2 Esports on Friday which was super fun, and one thing that's essential for those is a place where we can chat during the game - some of you have asked if we have a Discord server for the Community and I'm happy to announce that we do now! 😎

Thanks to everyone who trialled the new Discord space with us during the first game night!

Happy to start inviting community members to our Discord in general now so drop a note in this topic if you want to join in and we'll send you an invite link via PM.

There's a general text chat where you can say hi and welcome others when joining 👋 and a general voice chat lobby for game nights prior to creating the game-specific voice channels once we have a gaming session taking place!

There's also a community announcements channel so when we announce a new game night, we can pop the link in there for awareness and you guys are welcome to do the same if you're organising something amongst community members in the future too.

So who's joining? Let me know! 👇​​​​​​​
Hello, i would like to join the Discord