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The community is growing wonderfully and the community platform is also getting better and better thanks to your feedback. 💪

We will start posting regular updates, starting with this topic, so you'll be informed of what technical improvements, changes and fixes are happening on the forum. Sometimes there are only little things that our tech guys have fixed but we'd like to keep you updated anyway!

Please do check out the latest changes 👇and let us know what you think and if you have any feedback/ideas 🤗

Notification Box:
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  • There have been some changes made to the activity notification box in order to enhance the user experience and simplify site navigation.
  • The notification box can now be easily closed by clicking anywhere outside the box itself instead of clicking on the close button in the bottom right of the box.
  • In addition to that, a side scrolling bar has been added to offer a better overview of the notifications received and improve navigation.
  • When receiving a private message, clicking on the notification would have previously led you to your general inbox, but has now been changed to directly send you to the private message itself to improve the process.

Replying in threads:
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  • We have now added a feature that automatically mentions the username of the author of the post when selecting to reply to his/her message. This speeds up the process and makes the community experience more fluid.

Member Tag drop-down menu:​​​​
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  • After entering the symbol "@" to tag a member, when you start typing the username, the system suggests the member you are going to tag, in a helpful drop-down menu.

Transparent avatar backgrounds:

  • The backgrounds of user avatars have now been changed to transparent in order to not obstruct any design features in the background and make any possible changes easier.

Minor Bug Fixes:

  • Thanks to your feedback, our developers have fixed some minor bugs so that you can use your community more comfortably.

Had you already noticed the changes in the platform? Are there other improvements you would have liked to see in this list?

You may find your suggestions in the next update!

Let us know in the comments what you think and if you have any feedback/ideas 👇

Enjoy Your Community! 🎉