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  • MissDee's Avatar
    Level 4
    Hi Everyone :)

    So I'm not new to gaming but have not been gaming for a while and would love to hear your suggestions on what to play🤗

    I've played Fortnite but I end up getting killed very early in the game.

    Would love to get back into gaming to take my mind off work during my time off...
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  • Paty's Avatar
    Community Manager
    Hi MissDee!! Welcome to the Legion Community 😊

    Some of the games I've been enjoying lately and I can recommend:

    - The Witcher 3 (Wild Hunt): one of the best game releases of the last couple of years, you won't be disappointed!

    - Resident Evil 8: Village: if you like survival horror and a good story, and would love to kill a monster or two to release stress, this is the game for you!

    - Among Us: to have fun and socialize a bit, without having to worry about levels or being great at it!

    So, those are some of the ones I can think of right now! Are you playing from a PC or a console? What's your favourite genre? 🤗With more info, I could recommend you games more suited to your tastes!
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  • MissDee's Avatar
    Level 4
    Hi Paty:)
    Thank you for the recommendations, I can't wait to try out the games.

    I play on console as well as on mobile.
  • cyrusnimda's Avatar
    Level 8
    @MissDee Hi, I had the same problem with Fortnite . It is not an easy game, you need to master the building part in order to defend yourself. I left the game because in the first encounter I always used to loose.

    I play battlefield, because you play in a team with 20 more people, it is easier to go unnoticed, and it is possible to contribute your team by healing people or giving them ammo, spotting enemies, etc.

    Other games I like are, god of war, tomb raider, etc.

    Happy gaming Miss Dee!! 🎮
    But now the rains weep over his hall,
    with no one there to hear. 🦁
  • Tamara's Avatar
    Community Manager
    Hi @MissDee 😊

    I agree with @Paty, Among Us is such a nice game to play! I'd categorise it under "light" games because it's very fun and could easily get your mind off things.

    My favorite game ever is called Catan. I play it on my mobile too but it's originally a board game. You can also play it with some friends online which makes it very fun!

    What kind of games do you usually enjoy playing and on what devices?
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  • MissDee's Avatar
    Level 4
    @Tamara thank you will definitely try it out😁

    - - - Updated - - -
    @cyrusnimda the people that play fortnite make building look so easy...
  • Paty's Avatar
    Community Manager
    @MissDee you're welcome! Did you give any of the games a try? 🤗

    I gave it some thought over the weekend and The Sims is also great if you want to disconnect from work! Pokémon Go it's a also a good game, great if you want to play and exercise at the same time 😊
  • MissDee's Avatar
    Level 4
    Hi Paty, I've tried Among us:) really fun to play.

    ​​​​​​​I have played Pokémon, it was part of my daily schedule but now I don't have as much time to play as I did previously.
  • Paty's Avatar
    Community Manager
    @MissDee glad you liked it! 😊 the same happened to me with Pokémon Go, not enough time, but if the sun ever shows its face here in the UK again, I might download it!
  • Haffejeeeee's Avatar
    Level 7
    @MissDee waited oo lemmy think **starts to search for my list of games
    first things first - download epic games launcher on your computer, you get a free game every week (this week was NBA 2k21 for free!!)

    Ghostrunner is a must try
    wolfenstein (any one of the newer fps type of games but not the vr one)
    any of the batman games, the riddler get annoying but its fun when you get to beat him
    res evil 2,3,7 & 8
    "it takes two" is really good if you have someone else to play with

    battle royal:
    Call of duty warzone ( fun but update sizes are killer)
    fortnite (fun but weekly updates are a headache for me tbh and its fun with a squad of friends)
    pubg (mobile or pc amazing)
    cod mobile too ( really generous with free stuff)
    apex legends (coming to mobile soon)

    if you're an xbox person get "Hellblade" its on playstation as well but im kinda mad that the sequel is going to be an xbox exclusive (gears of war is really cool as well and you can get it on pc and xbox)
    if you're a playstation person, the god of war games are amazing and ghost of tsushima is a must have

    theres also the witcher series (3 is the best), Doom 2016/2020, little nightmares 1&2, the assassins creed and tomb raider games.
    if your specs are good get crysis 1,2 and 3. you'll love them

    genshin impact is really cool and the music is realaxing, you can play it on your phone too and with friends when you reach a certain level

    i might of went a bit overboard....