Google Stadia pro games June 2021 ?

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  • Elixor's Avatar
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    Hey all,

    I've been wondering if the games for Google Stadia pro for next months are known already?

    I hae to say the May games were not my type of games but I hope June will be a great selection!

    Here is the list so far of games available as part of Stadia Pro btw I got from here:
    • Ary and the Secret of Seasons
    • AVICII Invector
    • Crayta
    • Cthulu Saves Christmas
    • Destiny 2
    • Everspace
    • F1 2020
    • Figment
    • Floor Kids
    • Gunsport
    • Hitman - Free Starter Pack
    • Hitman
    • Hotline Miami
    • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
    • Human: Fall Flat
    • Journey to the Savage Planet: Employee of the Month Edition
    • Little Nightmares II
    • Orcs Must Die! 3
    • Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle
    • PixelJunk Raiders
    • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
    • Reigns
    • Republique
    • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
    • Steamworld Dig
    • Steamworld Dig 2
    • Steamworld Quest
    • Submerged: Hidden Depths
    • Sundered: Eldritch Edition
    • Super Bomberman R Online
    • Superhot: Mind Control Delete
    • Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince
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  • Paty's Avatar
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    Hey @Elixor, thanks for sharing!
    The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III (RPG) , MotoGP20 (sport) , Blue Fire (platform) and Chronos: Before the Ashes (adventure) will also be available at Stadia Pro this June 🤩
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    ​​​​​​​Control: Ultimate Edition is also coming this summer, but they haven't confirmed exactly when 🤔(waiting impatiently for this one).

    Which Stadia game are you playing this June? I'll definitely keep playing Little Nightmares II.
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