The Legion Bullletin: is the Macarena a weapon in Far Cry 6?

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    Hi everyone!!

    Hope you had a great week, Paty here with the latest news from the gaming world! This week we are starting off strong, with Ubisoft giving us more info about Far Cry 6:

    Far Cry 6: Release Date, Gameplay Trailer and more:

    Far Cry 6 has many fans, who have been eagerly awaiting for the next installment of this saga. After a long wait, it has been confirmed that it will be released on October 7, on both consoles and PCs.

    And what users liked the most - according to Twitter - beyond the graphics or the gameplay, was Chorizo, the little sausage dog you can see in the trailer and that can be part of your guerrilla:

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    If dogs aren't your thing, there's also a crocodile! 🤣🐊

    Here is the gameplay trailer, enjoy:

    Ehhh Macarena!!! 💃​​​​​​​

    Among Us is free on the Epic Games Store!!

    Until June 3rd you can get Among Us for free at the Epic Games Store, you just need to create a free Epic account and off you go!

    Name:  among-us-red-run (1).gif
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    Do you guys prefer to play as part of the crew or as the impostor?

    A New Sonic game is coming in 2022!!!

    The beloved blue hedgehog is making a comeback with a brand new game in 2022. Take a look at the trailer, it looks amazing:

    They also announced a remastered version of Sonic Colors, called Sonic Color Ultimate, coming in September 7 to PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation 4. The Blue Blur is here to stay!

    Control and Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 arrive this summer on Stadia

    Stadia keeps growing its catalogue and they have two exciting new additions coming this summer: Control Ultimate Edition and Olympic Games Tokyo 2020!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    They are yet to release the exact dates.
    I am looking forward to playing Control! What game would you like to see on Stadia?

    Chivalry 2: Open Beta has started

    If you like to play your favourite games before anyone else, I've got you covered for this weekend: Chilvary 2 Open Beta started yesterday and it will be available until June 1st. To play head to their official website!

    Name:  chilvary2beta.jpeg
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    Hope you have a great time! Remember to come back to the community and tell us how it went 😉

    Let me know if the comments which was your favourite news or if I missed something this week!
    👇(I'll make sure to include them next time!) 🤗

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  • Tamara's Avatar
    Community Manager
    Hi @Paty !

    Thanks for sharing this with us😊

    So excited to play Among Us on PC actually! I have only tried the mobile version.
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  • CB84's Avatar
    Level 12
    Far Cry 6 looks much better than I expected!!! but Ubisoft better not hurt that dog 👊I don't care who dies, the dog needs to survive!


    I'm not into Chivalry 2, but if anyone else knows about any other open betas, let me know
  • Paty's Avatar
    Community Manager
    @Tamara glad you liked it! The PC version is far superior, the mobile version has way too many bugs. Can't wait to play the pro version with you guys!
  • Paty's Avatar
    Community Manager
    @CB84 I'll keep an eye in the community for any other betas! And I agree, nobody touches the dog!! 🐶
  • Beocrulft's Avatar
    Level 5
    Aun nno he jugado ningun Far Cry pero el ambiente que tiene el 6 de su generacion me parece perfecto para probarlo, ademas que mantiene el lenguaje autoctono en su version latina, lo que hace mas interesante el juego y que sea enfocado en un mundo abierto, tiene las papelets para que sea un gran juego
  • Paty's Avatar
    Community Manager
    @Beocrulft ¿de qué país eres? Respeto a los desarrolladores que se fijan en todos esos pequeños detalles, que son importantes para nosotros los jugadores (que no todo es España, eh)