Miss Esports - Empowering Female Gamers in MENA

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    Hi everyone!

    Have you heard of Miss Esports before?

    Miss Esports is a new platform which seeks to celebrate female gamers, while providing a safe and supportive community for talent based in the region.

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    • Lenovo and Power League Gaming have come together to build a community of ambassadors and mentors who will help girl gamers achieve their professional goals in the e-sports industry.
    • According to research conducted by Newzoo, across 13 countries, females represent 46% of all gamers. Moreover, in MENA alone, gamers aged 18-24 are spending an average of 8 hours per week on console gaming –35% of whom are female.
    • Miss Esports, brought by Legion, is now recruiting female gamers across MENA, who will each represent their localities and work towards championing talent and competing. In addition to sharing their personal experiences, ambassadors also provide information and networking opportunities related to video games, streaming and content creation.

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    Claire Carter, Marketing Director, Lenovo – Middle East and Africa said:

    “ It’s crucial to ensure we’re creating inclusive environments, and this is something which has always been very close to our hearts at Lenovo. Miss Esports represents an evolution in our continued efforts to celebrate all gamers – in this instance, creating a safe and positive community in which we can nurture female talent. Our ultimate goal is to not require differentiating between male and female gamers in the future, but rather, having a shared platform where all gamers can compete and have access to the top gaming influencers. We have highly talented female gamers across the Middle East and Africa who are as “savage” as their male counterparts and at Lenovo, we want to help unleash their “Stylish Outside, Savage Inside” personas to inspire even more women to game! ”

    Stay tuned on the community to find out more!
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    @Tamara That's impressive! 👏
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    Love this!!
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    @Paty @Walter

    I second that! Lovely to see talent emerging from this initiative😄
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    This is really cool. I've been a female content creator going on 6 years now, would be nice to hear more news on this!
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    @Raine Great to hear that! We will be posting more about this so stay tuned 😎