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    ​​​​​​​Age is just a number ! And to be honest FPS can be played for life 😀

    Tout savoir sur les nouveaux Legion 7 Un gros GG a GoLLuM13 pour ce guide !

    L'ours le plus joueur de tous les temps !
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    ​​​​​​​Age is just a number ! And to be honest FPS can be played for life 😀
    you are right.... but i live up to my name
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    Hi guys my name is Ismail, my gaming tag is @ninja3020luffy i am bit late to the party, I bought my Lenovo league 5 pro recently and am from The Netherlands with Asian background. Hope we have good and fun memories with all the lovely people that we meet.

    Thanks all
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    @MoriMoonpaw Hello, I am from Belgium and a gamer who as a newbe is seeking for buying the new laptop Legion 7i Intel 9i 32gb ram but in my country there is no information when it is possible to buy this laptop and where. Sorry that my intrduction starts with a question but i have been searching a lot to find some anwers , THX Fred
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    Hi! My name is Thivyan, which is also my Gamer Tag around here. I love Lenovo, however am sad right now that my PC won't update to the latest and greatest Windows 11... but, then again, old is gold, right? I have never really played PC games and don't own a console, but when I get older and finish high school I would like to learn how to play on a PC. If anything, I have played some retro games as well as things like Asphalt on my PC, if that counts as anything. Thanks for the warm welcome!
    Lenovo... for those who do!
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    Hey im Nicolai from denmark, casual gamer aswell :D
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    Hey everyone,

    I'm Lionhart! I'm an English full time Twitch Partner and I am also a caster for CD Projekt Red for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

    I mainly stream that but also love RPG's and MMORPG games so they tend to sneak their way into my life ALOT! (Well right now the New World queue is where I've spent most of my time but still......)
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    Hey there @ninja3020luffy, @Fred007, @Thivyan. @zulboy, @Lionhart welcome to the community! 👋

    Awesome you got the Legion 5 Pro @ninja3020luffy what games have you tried on it so far? 😎

    @Fred007 I'm not sure of Belgium availability for Legion devices on my side but happy to check internally to see if I can share any info. I'll check and will get back to you when I hear something. The 7i is awesome! Have you used any Legion devices before? 😊

    @Thivyan for sure that counts as gaming! 👍 That's the arcade car racing game right? I love racing games - played a lot of Gran Turismo in the past, also Motorstorm (these were on PlayStation 3 at the time) and recently on PC I've tried Horizon Chase Turbo.

    @zulboy Hej! A fellow Nordic gamer 😄 I'm from Finland myself. We also have a Nordic community (here) which we're currently starting to grow so pop by in some discussions there if you'd like. We're also starting Nordic game nights to play online games together with the community there. 😄
    @Lionhart Nice avatar 😎 Cool to have another Twitcher here, will check out your stream! Awesome to hear you like MMORPG and we're also starting to check out New World more! Just picking a server - we're thinking of Asgard. Want to play together sometime? 😁
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    I am now the proud owner of a 2021 Lenovo Legion 5i Pro. It is my first personally purchased Lenovo, rather than an employer-manufactured or later employer-purchased ThinkPad.
    I am a boring dull gray-beard retired grandfather, almost an enemy. I don't play games on computers, except chess, checkers, connect 4, concentration, and similar games with my preschool .. middle school grandchildren.
    I am almost an enemy because I took a Legion 5I pro 16ITH6 out of its limited retail inventory, rather than letting it be sold to a real gamer.
    I would have bought it even without a dedicated Graphics card. I hope it will last me 10 years.
    I love it because it is cool, literally, with the CPU cores less than 20 degrees Celsius above ambient room temperature, even when running the Geekbench multuthreaded benchmark.
    I bought it for the 2021-comparably ginourmous 34MB total processor cache on the i7-11800H rather than cores 5..8, the 16:10 16 inch display, cooling, and the separate PgUp, PgDn and cursor keys, in a configuration with a 3 year Lenovo warranty, but absolutely no software of any kind installed or licensed. (I use ubuntu linux, and it works way better than I expected on this Linux-uncertified machine.)
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    Hello my name is bibalek. I don't have a fancy gaming laptop but a Lenovo Yoga Slim 7. With the help of stadia I could probably still enjoy a litte gaming! Looking forward to that new experience 😁