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    Level 1
    I am now the proud owner of a 2021 Lenovo Legion 5i Pro. It is my first personally purchased Lenovo, rather than an employer-manufactured or later employer-purchased ThinkPad.
    I am a boring dull gray-beard retired grandfather, almost an enemy. I don't play games on computers, except chess, checkers, connect 4, concentration, and similar games with my preschool .. middle school grandchildren.
    I am almost an enemy because I took a Legion 5I pro 16ITH6 out of its limited retail inventory, rather than letting it be sold to a real gamer.
    I would have bought it even without a dedicated Graphics card. I hope it will last me 10 years.
    I love it because it is cool, literally, with the CPU cores less than 20 degrees Celsius above ambient room temperature, even when running the Geekbench multuthreaded benchmark.
    I bought it for the 2021-comparably ginourmous 34MB total processor cache on the i7-11800H rather than cores 5..8, the 16:10 16 inch display, cooling, and the separate PgUp, PgDn and cursor keys, in a configuration with a 3 year Lenovo warranty, but absolutely no software of any kind installed or licensed. (I use ubuntu linux, and it works way better than I expected on this Linux-uncertified machine.)
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    Level 1
    Hello my name is bibalek. I don't have a fancy gaming laptop but a Lenovo Yoga Slim 7. With the help of stadia I could probably still enjoy a litte gaming! Looking forward to that new experience 😁
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    Community Manager
    Hey @bibalek, welcome to the Legion Team 🤩 Well, the Lenovo Yoga Slim is quite potent (don't tell anyone, but until recently, I only had like, a normal laptop too)

    Do you play any multiplayers? 🤔
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    Level 2
    Hello iam new to the community iam från sweden 🤗
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    Quote Originally Posted by Majsan View Post
    Hello iam new to the community iam från sweden 🤗

    Welcome @Majsan! A fellow Nordic gamer (I'm from Finland myself) 😎 We also have a Nordic topic to say hi to fellow Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish community members if you'd like to pop by there too! 😁
    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​☕ Hi I'm Marion and I'm part of the Legion Community Team!
  • falcon550's Avatar
    Level 1
    @MoriMoonpaw Hii! I'm Nayeemul Hasan from Bangladesh :D I play fps games mostly, also into story-driven game. I play on pc only :c
  • ShannyJ's Avatar
    Level 1
    Hello! I'm Shan. Nice to meet you all!
  • cyclic's Avatar
    Level 1
    أنا أمجد من الجزائر عمري14 أحب الرسم و صور الطبيعة و الإنمي
    من أفضل ألعابي التي أعبها حاليا minimilitaiوminecraft و أحب الألعاب الإستراتيجية و ألعاب الدكاء خاصة
    أحب السفر و الإختراع و الثقافة و التعلم
    أعرف أتكلم يابانية بشكل قليل جدا و أعرف 40%إنجليزية
  • GadgetGuy1020's Avatar
    Level 1
    Hello everyone! 👋😁 🤗

    My name is Alex, I'm 29yo and I'm from Romania.
    I play FPS (CS:GO 🤩), racing and some story driven games. I think my all time favorite game is Half-Life series.

    Unfortunately not a Legion owner (at least for now; might upgrade soon🤔). Small story: In 2018 I bought my first gaming laptop. I baadly wanted a Lenovo Legion Y730 with the next "minimum requirements": 17 inch, i7/16 GB RAM, GTX 1060 or higher. I've waited a few months hoping to find something with this specs in my country but.. without success.
    ​​​​​​​Those being said, I'm looking forward to play some games with Legion community 🥰!
  • Paty's Avatar
    Community Manager
    Hi there again Alex!! 😊

    Welcome to Team Legion!!

    Next week is we are Halloween game night, we're looking for a good and scary multiplayer game. Do you know any?