E3 2021 DAY 3 - Monday 14 June Updates

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    Hey guys, happy Monday! 🌻

    E3 continues and today is the 3rd official day - we'll get some updates from Capcom starting at 2:30pm PT / 11:30pm CEST!

    Capcom will dedicate around 25 minutes to their own update this year rather than doing it as part of the bigger Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo updates like in the past. We're going to see updates on Monster Hunter Rise, The Great Ace Attorney, Monster Hunter Stories 2 and of course Resident Evil Village - perhaps some surprises too 🤞 so let's see! 😁

    You can follow the live feed on Twitch and I've also embedded it below! We'll collect all the updates in this topic after the event.

    (If you missed it, check out Day 1 and Day 2 updates! Lots of cool stuff announced)

    What do you guys want to hear from Capcom? 😊

    Live stream here via Twitch:

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    Hey guys, did you follow the Capcom live stream last night?

    We got some interesting Resident Evil updates including that a Resident Evil 8: Village DLC is in development! Not a lot of specific details available yet, but hopefully we'll hear more soon!

    Teaser trailer:

    Resident Evil Re:Verse multiplayer is coming in July! 😎 Everyone who's bought RE8 will get access to the multiplayer. Will you be interested in some Resident Evil multiplayer action? 😄

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    We got a new trailer for Monster Hunter Stores 2: Wings of Ruin showing a bit more of the story. The game comes out on 9th July. Capcom also said they're adding crossplay between Wings of Ruin and Monster Hunter Rise on 15th July so a week after Wings of Ruin launch. At the same time, a new Palamute Monstie will also appear in the game.

    Monster Hunter Rise on Switch is getting an update with more weapons and armour in the Monster Hunter Rise 3.1 Update on 24th June (version 3.2 coming in July, 3.3 in August). With 3.1, unlike with the previous update, you won't get any new monsters as it will focus only on DLC and event quests.

    Additional note: The PC version of Monster Hunter Rise is set to release sometime in 2022.
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    The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, so far only available in Japan, is coming July 27 this year! (ANOTHER Birthday present for me!)

    This is the main trailer:

    We also got a new extended gameplay trailer with 2 game mechanics showed - Dance of Deduction and Summation Examination.