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    Havu Gaming unboxes the Legion Phone Duel 2!

    Hi everyone!

    Familiar with the leading Finnish esports organisation Havu Gaming? What about the new amazing Legion Phone Duel 2? 😄

    Check out this video by sLowi & ZOREE from Havu Gaming, see them unbox the phone and learn what their first impressions are! 😎

    (Note: The giveaway mentioned on video took place already I'm afraid so you can no longer participate in that one -
    ​​​​​​​do keep an eye on the community here and on Havu Gaming & Elisa Esports channels for possible future activities!)

    ​​​​​​​What do you think guys? What are your impressions about the Legion Phone Duel 2? Let us know in the comments 👇 or pop a reply in the feedback topic here! 😊​​​​​​​
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