Let's play Among Us together! Tue 29 June

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    Hi guys!

    We had a lot of fun in Among Us together with @Hyglott , @Elixor, @nizar, @Liue, @Walter, @Tamara and Tabi last week! Thanks for coming along! See some of the highlights above! 😅 👆
    @Tamara also managed to get this perfect screenshot from the game lobby - it was a totally coincidental pose! 😅

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Next game night!
    We'll be playing Among Us again next week, this time on Tuesday 29 June at 6pm CEST (5pm UK time)! Who's joining us? 😎

    ​​​​​​​With the new game update we can fit 15 players in the lobby per match. If we don't have a full house we can always gather in the private lobby and then make it public for guests to fill in the place, like last time, so we'll be all set either way! 👍

    Sign up:
    If you're in, simply comment in this topic to let us know!

    Prepare for the game:
    If you don't have Among Us yet, don't worry - you can download it for free on iOS and Android. It's also available on PC (Steam - not free though) and crossplay is possible.

    It will help everyone to know who is who in the game if you rename your character with your own username before we start (On the start screen, click on Account on the left to change name). 👍

    Note that in order to fully participate in the game you'd need the chat functionality in-game to work - for this you'll need the game to know you're over 13 years old. On mobile, if you haven't set your date of birth correctly, you can do so when you uninstall and re-install the game (it will ask you when you launch it after that). If you're playing on Windows PC, there's a way to change the date without uninstalling:
    Click here to show steps

    1. Find the App Data folder by typing Window + R, type AppData in the search field and press OK.
    2. Go to the LocalLow folder
    3. Then to the Innersloth folder
    4. Then to the Among Us folder,
    5. Edit Player Preferences by opening the file PlayerPrefs in Notepad. You'll need to put the correct date within the bunch of numbers in the file - the correct spot looks similar to this: "True,0,False,0,1,,1,1,1999,06/11/2021 10:26:13,1,False,,False,2,1" (just put your DoB where highlighted in yellow)
    6. Save the file.

    Get on Discord:
    We'll use Discord text/voice chat during the games. Let us know if you're not yet on our Discord (Legion's Rest) so we can send you an invite via PM! Once the game night starts we'll create a Private lobby in the game and will share the code on Discord so you can join.

    Note that with all gaming sessions, screenshots and game recordings (gameplay, voice) might be posted publicly afterwards.

    Let us know below if you're joining us on Tuesday 29 June? 💛
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    Awesome @Raine see you there! 😁

    I'll drop you a PM soon to invite you to our Discord 👍
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    @Marion I like that game a lot, if there is space left, I'd love to join it.
    I don't have the discord details, can you help me?.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyrusnimda View Post
    @Marion I like that game a lot, if there is space left, I'd love to join it.
    I don't have the discord details, can you help me?.

    Oh yes!! Awesome, do join! I'll drop you an invite to our Discord :)
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    oh my God this was so fun I cannot wait to play with you guys 🤣
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    Yaay see you on Tuesday then @nizar! 😁
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    Welcome on board @Raine! 🤩

    Yayyyy we can't wait to play with you too @nizar! 😊
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    Sorry all I won't be able to join this time! I hope I can make the next one though!
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    Thanks for letting us know @Elixor - next time! We'll work on a schedule for these and I'd love to include other similar types of games as well in addition to Among Us. Might open a topic to find if you guys have some suggestions and we could rotate a few. 😊