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If you have any specific questions about Lenovo Legion products, how to set up your computer to get the best possible experience, how to install your new graphics card or how to pass that particularly tricky level on a game you’ve just started playing, this is the place to be for community advice. 🎯 Feel free to browse previous conversations in this section or start your own to ask a new question.

You can come here to get help and find answers to all your queries from fellow gamers, and also share your expertise by answering questions yourself. Are you great at recommending games, consoles or gaming PCs or fixing issues? Maybe you’re an expert on a specific game? Feel free to use this board to share your knowledge. 😎

As always, please remember to keep the Community Guidelines in mind when interacting in the community. 😉

Need help from Customer Service?

Please keep in mind that even though the community is happy to help you with all kinds of general queries, it is not actually a Customer Service channel - we are gamers and friends helping each other out here on the community. If you need to get in touch with customer service, please check the help pages for the following regions:

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