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July is here and after June and its E3 -which was a bit disappointing for some gamers-, I think it's a good idea to start the new month on the right foot.

And what better way to lift our spirits than a round-up of some of the best or most interesting releases we'll be seeing this month? I've tried to include a good variety of titles, from an augmented reality release to a flight simulator.
Don't forget to tell us in the comments which one of these releases is your favourite or let us know if there's a game that should have been on the list but didn't make it. And as I mentioned in the title of this thread.... this list is all about monsters.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer

Release date: 21 July (worldwide release).
Platform: Mobile (Android and Apple)

If you love playing Pokémon GO but you feel like you've hit a wall -it's been five years since its release, after all-, and you're craving something new, (perhaps with terrifying monsters rather than cute ones), developer Spokko has a gift for you: The Witcher: Monster Slayer, an augmented reality game where you play as a witcher-in-training and hunt monsters all over the Continent.

The game is set in The Witcher Universe, and I you haven't watched the series, it's available on Netflix and the second season is coming soon too!

During the game, you'll have to train your character and keep him well prepared, brewing potions, making bombs and choosing the right equipment depending on each battle/enemy.

Take a look at the trailer:

I can already see the streets of Madrid, Helsinki, Naples, Beirut, Bogotá, Paris and the rest of the world, full of gamers hunting basilisks, griffins, wyverns and katakans, in true Geralt of Rivia style. I just hope some kind onlookers will toss some coins at us 😉💰.

And if you're like me and love everything related to the series and the books, don't miss the "Witcher Con", a virtual conference of all things related to Geralt and the Continent:

Monsters Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

Release date: 9 July.
Platform: PC and Nintendo Switch

With so many monsters, this feels more like October than July, but I'm not complaining because the releases are looking gooooood. Capcom is back with the second installment of its epic role-playing adventure game. As per usual in Capcom, the writers did their homework and the story of the game will get you even more hooked.

Here's how everything starts: you take on the role of Red's young grandson and while an important festival is taking place in your village, the Rathalos -the flagship monsters of the saga-, start disappearing everywhere and no one knows exactly why. You decide to start training as a Rider and meet Ena, who tells you she has a Rathalo egg (maybe the last one?), and what she tells makes you decide to leave the tropical island you've always lived on, to find out what's going on with the monsters, go on a thousand adventures and become a Rider in the process.

In this edition, the turn-based battle mode returns and you must be a good strategist in order to win. During your journeys, you will be able to get Monsties eggs, the monsters of the game, choose the genes you want them to have (very Gattaca), to create unique and super powerful Monsties to defeat your enemies with.

Here is the trailer. Prepare to drool over the beautiful design of the game:

Microsoft Flight Simulator (MFS)

Release date: 27 July
Platform: Xbox Series X/S, PC

When we were kids, most of us dreamed of growing up to be doctors, ballerinas, teachers, engineers, astronauts or... pilots. The fascination we humans have with the art of flying knows no boundaries or age and I think most of us - except those who don't like heights, of course - have watched a plane soaring through the sky and wished we could fly it.

Aware of the love that many have for the skies, Microsoft has released several flight simulators over the years and in 2020, it released the latest version of its saga, exclusively for PCs. Why do I include it on this list? Because this July 27th it will be available on Xbox Series X/S.

So, what do you do exactly?

It's about flying around the world, piloting a variety of aircrafts, with the option to land at more than 20,000 airports, and sightseeing landscapes such as Buckingham Palace, the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House and many more. The graphics are out of this world and now that you can choose what the weather will be like during the flight, the experience is even more realistic:

Look at this flight over the United Kingdom. Can you spot any famous landmarks?


The Ascent

Release date: 29 July.
Platforms: Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC.

While Hollywod has decided to move away from the whole post-apocalyptic theme, the same has not been true in the world of gaming: the Ascent, an action role-playing game, is set in a cyberpunk dystopia. In it, a corporation called The Ascent Group - hence the name of the game - owns everything and everyone, but when it collapses, it leaves a trail of destruction in its wake and it is now our task to survive in this new reality.

Games can be played solo or with three other players. You'll have a lot of freedom of movement - it's an open world - and I think RPG fans and shooters alike are going to love it.

What did you think of July's releases? Have you ordered any of them yet?​​​​​​​