Favourite World of Warcraft character race/class

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    Hey guys,

    I haven't played WoW for a longer while now, but I am thinking to get back to it, or rather start over 😃Back in the days my favourite character was a Worgen Warlock, but I guess a lot has changed since then! What are your favourite characters at the moment and why? I am looking for recommendations before I start my journey all over again 😁

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    Good question Neptune!

    I still haven't found an answer and I've been starting new characters for months! 😅

    I've only recently started playing WoW and my main character is a Troll Priest (I like healing). I am now level 50. Now I have to buy the Shadowlands expansion to reach the "new" maximum level 60 (I'm not gaining experience at the moment).

    However, I have started playing again with a Blood Elf - Demon Hunter. It seems quicker in movements and combats (not sure I like being a tank, anyway).

    I have the impression that my Troll is too slow... maybe its just a matter of equipment (I need advice on this 🤷‍♂️)

    I look forward to reading the comments of our friends too!

    ​​​​​​​Have you ever tried tank roles?
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    I don't like being a tank. I'm usually either a Hunter or Warlock. Beastmaster Hunter is great as I can tame cool beasts. If I'm Warlock it's usually Affliction Warlock. I like the spells that give damage over time.

    From the races I like the Zandalari troll probably best, although I'm super sad they can't be Warlocks. 😭 Well now I'm tempted to start yet another character: Zandalari Troll Beastmaster Hunter. 😅

    I'm normally Horde (Troll Affliction Warlock) but switched to the Alliance side to play a Human Hunter and rather liking it. I'm going through the Pandaria quests with that one, aiming for the Loremaster of Pandaria achievement.
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    @Walter @Marion thank you for your suggestions! How many levels are there currently? Back then when I used to play, I believe 90 was max? Or did it depend on the character? As you can see, I don't remember much! 🙊I think I have never tried being a tank 🤔

    I am now kind of tempted to try playing Horde @Marion 😄