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    Hi there!

    Welcome to our new Legion Gaming Community! 😎 It's awesome to have you here - thanks for coming! You're some of the first users on here from our Nordic region (Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden)! Having you here helping us with building this community is very exciting and much appreciated.

    Thanks so much in advance for your participation! 🙏💙👍

    You might have already followed the initial steps in the welcome topic but I'll add some suggestions below to help you get started:

    1. If you haven't already, please click Register at the top of the page to sign up as a member of the Community
    2. Once signed in, you can upload your avatar, also at the top of the page
    3. In addition to our central introductions topic we have one for us in the Nordic community too - feel free to pop by!👋
    4. Have a look around the different boards in the Nordic section and feel free to engage in the existing topics - it would be great to get some discussion going!
    5. Go ahead and start your own discussions too! 👍

    While you're engaging on the forum, don't hesitate to also let me know in this topic in case you have any specific feedback in mind or spot any opportunities for improvements/fixes about the new forum platform, as we have just launched. I will then pass them on to our tech team to review. To make it easy for the developers to reproduce any issues you might have spotted, you can include screenshots and the URL of the page in question too.

    Thanks again - great to have you here and speak soon! 😊
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    Is there a way to change the forum from dark to bright? I find it hard to read the text and it hurts my eyes to have to focus so much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pleximus View Post
    Is there a way to change the forum from dark to bright? I find it hard to read the text and it hurts my eyes to have to focus so much.
    Hey @pleximus thanks for your comment, great feedback and sorry to hear it's hurting your eyes. 👀😖At the moment there's only this one view available. Personally think it would be a good idea to add a lighter option. No specific plans at the moment but I'll pop the suggestion into our suggested improvements list and when there's any news, will let you know. 😊

    Did you spot anything else while you were using the forum so far? Let me know anytime, I'm collecting all the feedback. 👍
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    the notifications are broken somewhat.. i cannot see all of my notifications in the list (and in this case i can't see the unread one) because they get cropped.

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    you can see the top three.. if i scroll down to the next notifications, i get this:

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    As you can see, the top and bottom ones are cropped and i can't see what it relates to..

    Since there is no scrollbar i can't go up just a bit to see that one at the top, nor can i go down just a bit and see the one at the bottom..
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    Thanks @AirBnBacon! What device are you using to view the forum?
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    Device.. well it's a Legion T530, running Windows 10 21H1 and using Google Chrome
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    @AirBnBacon just a quick update on this, we've added some notification box improvements in the list for future dev so fingers crossed improvements incoming sometime in the near future! 😊Will keep you posted