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The year: 1993. Many things happened then: Bill Clinton was sworn into office, "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston was the biggest hit on the radio, and the big summer blockbuster was none other than Jurassic Park.

However, as a gamer, you might remember -or have heard about-, 1993 for a completely different reason: the release of the first installment of DOOM, the legendary first-person shooter that changed the gaming scene forever. Almost three decades later, the saga is still going strong, and DOOM Eternal, its latest installment, was released just last year.

I'm taking this whole trip down memory lane because after playing DOOM Eternal, I played the old DOOM for a bit and I was completely blown away by how much the graphics have improved over the years! Long gone are the demons that looked like pixelated bricks with eyes.

For this reason, I was super excited when I heard that DOOM Eternal was now available with NVIDIA DLSS and ray tracing!!!

Take a look a the beauty of it yourself:
Because the video is age-restricted, you guys will have to watch it on YouTube. 😑​​​​​​​

As a fan of the saga, playing DOOM Eternal felt like coming home, if home was hell on earth, full of demons I had to slay over and over again 😂. Doing so, but with gorgeous ray traced reflections, made the experience a lot whole better!!

But hey... how do I enable ray tracing?

Grab the newest DOOM Eternal update, and in the game’s video options simply toggle on “Raytracing”. And that's it, you are all set to raze hell!!! 🔥

Learn more about how to enable it and take a look at more striking examples here:

Have you, ladies and gents, played DOOM Eternal? Are you a fan of it or you prefer going back to the original? Will you enable the RTX? Let us know in the comments!! 👇

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