Do you prefer to play on your own or would rather game with friends? 👯‍♂️

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    Hi everyone! 😉

    One of the beauties of gaming, and definitely one of its biggest appeals is that you can choose between playing alone, with friends/teammates or you against the world. It's a hobby that's perfect for introverts and social butterflies alike or for those who are a nice mix of both.

    And talking about preferences, you know the famous maxim "Know thyself"? Well, it seems I didn't know my gaming self too much, because I was today years old when I realised that until I joined Team Legion, I definitely preferred single-player games like Assassin's Creed, The Witcher, God of War... I stayed as far as possible from any multiplayer games, mainly because I play to relax and have some "me time", to disconnect from everyone and everything. I also like to play at my own pace. If I die, nobody dies with me and I have nobody to blame but myself.

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    However, and thanks to our game nights, I've been enjoying myself a lot while playing games like League of Legends, Dota or Among Us. So much fun that maybe I might even give Call of Duty a try... or maybe not.

    What about you? Do you prefer to play on your own or with friends/strangers online? Let me know in the comments! 👇​​​​​​​
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    Hi @Paty!

    I am very divided. It's not an easy answer.

    I have always played multiplayer with my friends. Sometimes even in local LAN. I love the cooperation and interaction between different characters.

    I guess when I'm exploring the game or learning how to play, I prefer to play alone. But then if I don't play multiplayer I get bored and tend to abandon the games!
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    @Walter it really depends, doesn't it? well, thanks to you I'm enjoying League of Legends during our game nights (with your tips and encouragement), so I think your personality does match the multiplayer games! 😁 I need a bit more time...
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    Inside scoop (from my games marketing background)

    The majority of blokes aged 18-35 like to play online with friends or the thrash strangers.
    The majority of women 18-35 prefer single player campaigns as they don't like their enjoyment to be based on how other players impact the gameplay.

    So devs that build games that are meant to be shaped by the gaming communities input are geared towards blokes - COD warzone, apex, LoL etc.

    Devs that focus on making a rounded offline experience are more accessible to a wider market. Though, us ladies tend to be the 3rd target market, even these days.
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    Ohhh interesting insights @Raine thanks for sharing! Is that world-wide or any specific countries do you know? Wonder if there are many differences.
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    @Raine 😪there's still a long way to go! if we are 50% of all the gamers, devs should have the ladies in mind at least 50% of the time 😂
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    I take the 50% metric with a pinch of salt as statistically that includes people playing bingo on their phone which is mostly women. If you look actually at the breakdown per genre it makes sense to focus on blokes as they're often at least 70% of the interest. Now... is that because it's aimed at them so women don't find it interesting? Who can say. Perhaps we're in a chicken and egg scenario.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marion View Post
    Ohhh interesting insights @Raine thanks for sharing! Is that world-wide or any specific countries do you know? Wonder if there are many differences.

    This is from a global market positioning.
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    @Raine interesting... my grandma did love her bingo before we got her a Nintendo Switch. I do think is a chicken and egg scenario. Luckily, positive changes towards equality are happening anyway, and I'm glad we'll be here to witness it 🤗
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    uh, that honestly depends on what type of game it is..

    the current (for quite a while that is) game i play, then it's "hella" tough to play it solo and very enjoyable when playing in a group... that being said, the reason for this is that the game is brutally consequential and has a very, very steep learning curve. I've put about 1800hrs into this game so far and are still learning new things all the time - suspect i'll have learned the most of it by about 2500-3000hrs.

    previously, games like Diablo has been a mix between solo play (campaign) and online co-op..
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    Hi there @AirBnBacon! which game are you playing that needs so many hours? 🤔