Gaming Lingo - Do you use any?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raine View Post
    Love this - here's a few while I brew some coffee for you @Tamara

    GLHF - Good luck, have fun!

    F - When something sad/unfortunate befalls someone, simply type "F", This is from a Call of Duty game when during a cutscene of a funeral the in-game prompts was "Press F to pay respects" which is quite hilarious so has stuck in the community.

    ARAM - All random, all mid (LoL/DOTA2)

    Nerf - lower a characters stats/skills as they may be considered overpowered

    Buff - increase a character either to make them a viable option for players or as a player may do in-game to improve their character.

    GOAT - Greatest of all time

    Meta - most effective tactics available

    - - - Updated - - -

    HAHA I usually say it when I'm 0/12/4 or something XD

    That's an awesome list - thank you @Raine I have to admit I wasn't familiar with some of them 😅
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    Quote Originally Posted by tmonther View Post
    @Raine lol I can only imagine what someone who's not into games or doesn't know the references react to people calling others GOATS, must be hilarious.

    ​​​​​​​hahahahahahha I agreeee! 😂