Play Among Us with us on Thursday 29th of July!

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    Hello everyone!

    We're having another Among Us Game Night this Thursday and we're ready to play with all of you!

    Have you already played Among Us with us? It is really fun and the game is so easy to play that you can join us even if you haven't played it yet.

    On Thursday 29 July at 6pm CEST (5pm UK time)! Who's joining us? 😎

    Who can join?
    Anyone with any level can join. The game is quite easy to learn and it's a very light & fun one!

    How can I sign up to join?
    Simply leave us a comment in the comment section below👇

    Before the Game Night:
    • We will send you an invite to our Discord Channel if you're not on there already.
    • Download Among Us if you haven't already - you can download it for free on iOS and Android. It's also available on PC (Steam - not free though) and crossplay is possible.

    On the day of the Game Night:
    • Open Discord and we will add you to the Among Us voice/text channel
    • Once all participants are there, we'll create a Private lobby in the game and will share the code on Discord so you can join.

    ​​​​​​​If you have any questions, please let me know! I'm looking forward to seeing you all!

    Do you like being an impostor or a crew member?
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    Level 20
    Hello! This game is fun! It would be nice to join. I hope I am at home in time.
    I cannot tell who I would like to be, otherwise It is not fun! Bye.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken3cento View Post
    Hello! This game is fun! It would be nice to join. I hope I am at home in time.
    I cannot tell who I would like to be, otherwise It is not fun! Bye.

    That's amazing @Ken3cento! I hope you'll be joining us! 😎

    You are right about the role! But having the ability to kill is great in this game! 🤣
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    Not long to go now, I'm coming too so see you in there! 😁
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    Thank you @Haffejeeeee @tmonther @galadrielmt @Ken3cento for joining the Among Us game night! @Marion @Paty @Walter and I really had so much fun playing with all of you 😄

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    @galadrielmt is such a goooooood imposter - it was really hard to tell when she was saying the truth or not!
    @Ken3cento was the hero and "the police man" who never got to be the imposter but hopefully next time 🤗
    @tmonther's evil laugh lead us to think he was the imposter but it turns out he wasn't (sorry) 🤣

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    Hope to play with you guys again soon! 💙
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    So much fun!! 😁

    To add to everything @Tamara mentioned above, I also enjoyed it when we tested out a few things in the beginning while in the private group, the number of impostors etc. and went over the basics. Really lovely that we can all learn together in a positive and patient group of players! 🤗
  • Ken3cento's Avatar
    Level 20
    Hello! It was fun! I think I discovered an hidden cheat code! 😲😎
    ​​​​​​​HALO + police = I was never an imposter!
    (At least for all the time we played this time 😄)

    @Walter TY! ​​​​​​​@​​​​​​​Tamara TY! @Marion Ty!

    ​​​​​​​​TY Everyone!

    Once I was considered an Imposter and I was sent out in space!
    I told everyone I wasn't! And It was the Truth! 🤣 I was the Halo Policeman!

    Once I was stuck during a mission: THE WATER CLASS one! I had to clean some 💩! For some reason I couldn't clean it. So maybe The party tought I was suspicious! 😅
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    You're right @Ken3cento! ...and we've been playing for so long!

    If you remember, as soon as I used the bad eyebrows I've been the impostor several times.... is it an opposite hidden cheat code? 🤣

    Thanks a lot for participating in the Game Night and for your kindness!
  • Ken3cento's Avatar
    Level 20
    @Walter TY!

    I was killed a lot of times! 😅👻
    I was only doing my duty! 😅

    And please, remember to never judge an halo policeman only cause he got stuck at the water class once! 🤣
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    Level 16
    @Ken3cento I am sorry man, I was always killing you first, our good police man🤣 I promise next time we play if I am the Impostor I will kill you last. @Walter was impostor with me and we won! We make a good team! And @Marion next time I will let you kill everyone on the ship😀. @Paty and @Tamara were both really good impostor too! Thank you all so much for the super fun time, you guys are all really nice and I hope we get to play together again very soon!😎