Do you play Final Fantasy XIV?

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    Hey guys do you play or have played FFXIV?

    I've just started after a long break (years) and enjoying it a lot! Thanks @Liue for the inspiration to get back into it 😄
    I'm level 19 Miqo'te Thaumaturge and just at the point in the story where I get airship access to other lands - convenient as I was just trying to figure out how to get to Limsa and Gridania to get fishing and botanist skills!

    That's me starting out:
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    Level 19!
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    Once I level up I'd love to play in a party for some dungeons - do you know if there's anything else to do in the game when in a party with friends or is it mainly dungeon runs?

    Who else in the community is playing FFXIV? 😊 What level, race, class did you pick?
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