What games do you have in your backlog?

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    Hi there!!

    One of the nicest perks to being part of Team Legion is that gaming is part of our job description. We play together during our game nights and also during our training sessions. We get to play both the latest and most exciting releases, as well as the classics, and even some retro games. What can I say? I can't complain, it's pretty sweet.😎

    But, as you can imagine, our games backlog is big. No, scratch that, it's GARGANTUAN. 😬 I'm talking dozens of games in our libraries, untouched, because there are not enough hours in the day to play them all.

    @Ghost Bird buys games on Steam that she never has time to play, @MoriMoonpaw tries a lot of games but prefers to go back to her beloved Minecraft when she's got some free time, simpky because she finds it very relaxing.

    I try to play a bit of everything but lately, I've only managed to finish a couple games.

    Here are some of the games I still need to finish/play:

    - Little Nightmares II
    - Hitman
    - Outriders
    - Apex Legends (this one I play, but I need more hours if I am to survive in the arena longer than six minutes)
    - Control
    - Cyberpunk
    - Chivalry II

    And the list goes on and on...!

    So, we wanted to ask YOU:

    Do you have a massive games backlog? What games are on your "To-do" list?

    ​​​​​​​Let us know in the comments! 👇
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  • MoriMoonpaw's Avatar
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    Ok for me, anything that's on PS5 (waiting for the console to become available again so I can get it!) 😅

    I have games on both my Steam library & wishlist and downloaded via Xbox Game Pass that I hope I get some time to play at some point (well, I'll be on holiday soon so.... 😎)
    List is quite long but these are the most exciting ones I want to get to soon - already in my library:

    • The Halo series
    • Apex (started but same as you @Paty )
    • CSGO (soooon! @Tamara 😄)
    • Ultimate Fishing Simulator 😄 🐟 don't judge
    • Wurm Online

    Some from my wishlist so not purchased yet (excluding games not yet released):
    • Zuma's Revenge! (played before, just found it and want to check it out for nostalgia)
    • The Forest
    • Edge of Eternity
    • My Time at Portia
    • Before We Leave
    • Tribes of Midgard
    • Valheim
    • Heavy Rain (nostalgia from my PS3 days)
    • Fall Guys 😄
    • Humankind (just released I think!!?)
    • Monster Hunter Stories 2
    • The Big Journey (cat!)

    Anyone else played these let me know? 😎
    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​☕ Hi I'm Marion and I'm part of the Legion Community Team!
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    *Guiltily stares at huge Steam library of never installed games as I restart XCOM for the nth time....*

  • Paty's Avatar
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    @MoriMoonpaw, Ultimate Fishing Simulator sounds like a dream to me right now, I tried the Microsoft Flying Simulator and it's the most relaxing thing EVER!!

    Fishing must be even better, since you don't even need to worry about crashing down...

    When you come back from your vacation, let us know which games you scratched from your list!
  • Raine's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost Bird View Post
    *Guiltily stares at huge Steam library of never installed games as I restart XCOM for the nth time....*


    A fine choice. Here I am in the same boat but booting up Dungeon Keeper through dosbox.
  • Jacky23's Avatar
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    Last game and best game in this year: It takes two! Highly recommended
    Esports fan. Traveling the world while entertaining myself with twitch.
  • Paty's Avatar
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    @Jacky23 It takes two was in my 2021 wishlist, but I haven't been able to play it yet!! (adds yet another title to the backlog). Who do you play it with?? Does it really encourage cooperation or do you feel like hitting the person playing with you with a heavy pan? 😂
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    @Nomercy now that you have Stadia, what games do you wish you have more time to play?

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