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    Hey lads, guess what? Recently I was bored and looking for some interesting mobile game and I found this Archero-like idle shooting game call Cave Shooter! I’m a big fan of Archero-like game, so I try to dig up some information about Cave Shooter and found out that this game is going to release globally in 31th of August! And I found out that there’re some interesting game features they have shared on their Discord server. I will share the information that I found and some game features on below, thank me later. XD

    Game Features
    1.Ruin Exploration to Build Your Own Tribe
    Here you will enjoy the freedom to construct any building of your choice and build a charming tribe in your name. Each building is featured with its own function, where activities related to Talent, Forge, Adventure, Pet, Hunt, etc. can be performed!

    2.A Randomized Room System with Abundant Gameplay (basically it’s a roguelike game)
    Over 10+ rooms with different yield and gameplay to be explored.

    3.Various Distinctive Gods with Diversified Skill Combinations
    The variation of combat gameplay is credited to the seven Gods along with the Great Artisan who is characterized by the weapon modification technique.

    4.An Adventure with Breathtaking View
    Start your primitive era hunt in the primeval forest, snow-capped mountain, vast desert, and the world where dinosaurs still exist now!

    5. Progress Alongside Irresistible Pets
    Adorable Triceratops, cute baby Pterosauria, dozy Brachiosaurus and countless of other pets are awaiting your command, and ready to be cultivated.

    6.Character Costumes, Additional Buffs
    Many more character costumes will be rolled out in the future and each character is going to surprise you with their exclusive skills!

    7.Invincible Godsent Items
    Some incredible items will create an incompatible battle style after being combined with in-room masterstrokes!

    8.More Content and Gameplay
    New season, Great Artisan, God Realm and a lot newer content and gameplay await your discovery!

    The game is expected to be launch in 31th August 10:00 (UTC+8).
    I will leave the pre-register link here in case that you’re interested to the game too XD
    (Register to the game right now might get some generous rewards)
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    @SuperSaladL thanks for sharing it, it looks like a lot of fun!! 🤩
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