The Gamescom 2021 starts today! (new games, new trailers and more)

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    Hello everyone!

    These last weeks of summer always bring back memories of brand new textbooks and fresh starts. Now we are all grown up and out of school, but August is still a month of new beginnings, thanks to the Gamescom, one of the biggest gaming conferences in the world, which always comes loaded with new trailers and exciting releases.

    Gamescom 2021 suffered the same fate as other gaming conferences and will be an all-digital event, so we're all invited.

    At what time does the Gamescom start?

    Opening Night Live, the opening ceremony, will take place today 25 August at 20:00h in Spain, 19:00 UK time, 13:00h in Mexico City. Geoff Keighley, the Canadian journalist and videogame lover, will be the presenter. You can watch it here:

    What can I expect from the conference?

    Ubisoft, Sega, Activion, Bandai Namco, Coffee Stain, Microsoft, Dotemu and many other companies have already confirmed that they will be making announcements during the conference.

    For example, from Call of Duty: Vanguard we will see a gameplay, from Age of Empires IV, Valheim, and Genshim Impact we will see updates and from Far Cry 6 we will see the story trailer (which makes me happy because I want to see more of Chorizo, the little dog you can have as a pet in the game 🐶).

    Has anything interesting happened yet?

    If you've been a member of this community for some time now (and if not, welcome!), you must know that one of the games we as a team have enjoyed the most this year has been Microsoft Flight Simulator, so we were glad to see the new routes and aircrafts announced yesterday. Take a look at the new Volocopter: 😱

    New cars were added to Forza Horizon 5:

    And we got our first look at Into the Pit: an indie game that looks a lot like Doom, but with magic:

    What if indie games are my thing?

    Well, great, because tomorrow, Thursday 26 August, at 19:00 UK time, the "Gamescom Indie Showcase" will take place, with all the latest news on indie games.

    Stay tuned to the community, we'll be posting the trailers and more here.
    What do you think of what you've seen at Gamescom so far?
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  • JokerZida's Avatar
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    We are sooo exciting for upcoming games 😄
    ​​​​​​​We can't wait more 😅
  • Paty's Avatar
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    @JokerZida agree!! so many delays since last year 😑

    Hey, take a look at some of the other trailers:


    (I wasn't expecting this, don't know if it's going to be any good, but it's an interesting proposal)

    (Praying this doesn't ruin Halo as we know it, hopeful but cautious)

    (Far Cry 6 looks badass)

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