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    Tank, DPS or Healer?

    Hey guys,

    When you're playing games, especially MMOs where you play in a group and do dungeons etc. - what role do you usually prefer?

    • Are you the tank who takes the damage and keeps the mobs' attention away from the rest of the group? If so, any specific type of tank?
    • Are you the healer who keeps the group alive with healing spells? If so, which type of healer?
    • Or are you DPS who deals damage to the target? Are you melee or ranged?

    Or do you equally like all of these and pick a role based on opportunity/need/current mindset? 😄

    I'm normally a DPS mainly because I really enjoy it! But I would like to be more confident with the other types so sometimes I like to create a different type of character to try it out at least for a little bit.

    ​​​​​​​What about you? 😊
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    I'm usually a mage or healer and I always fight ranged, casting spells!

    I have tried playing tank a few times but melee doesn't suit me 🤣
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    @Tamara like Walter, I am usually a healer, but lately I've been trying to play as a tank, just to better myself as an overall player... so far, I've died more times that I can count 😂
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    3 Weeks Ago

    Liue has always been, and will always be, a healer. Let me introduce my Holy Priest.

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    First she was a glorious Blood Elf, true defender of Quel'Thalas, Priestess of the Sunwell and Hero of the Horde..

    Name:  WoWScrnShot_090521_194327.jpg
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    But then Void took her, eating most of her light and turning Liue as a Void Elf. For now, shadowy whispers talk to her on daily basis. Nowadays as Hero of the Alliance, alongside most prominent Priestess of the Alliance, in Cathedral of Light, she is doing her best to gather those lost pieces of the Holy Light. It may hurt, yes, to use light while so deep in the Void, but devotion to her past gives her that needed strength.
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