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    What games do you play?

    So i am into FPS games. I love the competitive nature and the push to beat the next guy. Warzone is one of my favorites games and this month I will actually be apart of one of the biggest Warzone Tournaments (CWT NATIONALS) South-Africa has ever had. I recently recieved a Lenovo Legion 5 gaming laptop and the performance is insane. We play custom matches as it takes care of the skill based match making and you get to play against some of the best players in our country. Who else here plays Warzone and if you dont, what game do you play ?
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    @GAMERSX3 Once I have a bit more of free time on my hands, I'm going to try playing Warzone from how much I hear about it from everyone in the community!

    It seems like a really addictive game too :)

    I play Catan even when I'm busy because it's a fast game and it's super competitive so I like it. Now that I have the Legion 5 laptop, I downloaded so many games to try out like Fornite and Apex Legends so let's see!

    Do you play anything else other than Warzone?
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