• What do you think the best vehicle simulation game currently avabile? in terms of stuff like accidents,your vehicle breaking and just things what would happen when you drive on the road in real life.

    For me its personally Euro Truck simulator 2,that game is purely a gem. the way the game reacts to you and the enviorment feels so good and realistic. like your tyres wear out,you meet up with accidents while on the road,a ton of mods to make your experience…

  • Shoping for consoles this Christmas? Which and why?

    Was wondering what people were going to be buying for this holiday.

    if you were buying gaming consoles, xbox, PlayStation or a new laptop, which would it be and why?

    Perhaps you have a game in mind but dont have the system to play it? Or are you just…

  • Gifts

    What was the best gift you have ever received? 

  • Official date for 1st Trailer for GTA VI

    Officially, the first announcement date for the new part of the famous series Grand Theft Auto 6 has been set for December 5 of this month at 5 pm.

    Rockstar Games on X: "https://t.co/BguwiJokQt" / X (twitter.com)


    More RAM, more internal storage, external HDD / SSD, external or portable monitor, USB / Thunderbolt hub for connecting more peripherals, gaming mouse, etc?

  • Happy December and Happy Holidays!

     Happy end of the year! This is the last month of the year so what are your plans this month? Christmas shopping still? Visiting Family? Putting up decorations? Hanukkah? New Years plans? Let's hear it! 

  • Loving the influx of the Live Action Adaptions?

    With the success of the One Piece Live Action from Netflix, do we love the hype around other popular live-action adaptions? Naruto live action was announced recently, and Avatar the Last Airbender will air early 2024. I feel as long as the series says…

  • Game pass worth it?

    I just got a legion 5 pro, and it comes with 3 months free. I looked at a few games on there and only a few of them are actually worth paying the subscription for. Since I have xbox game pass core which is like 25 good games, do you guys think it worth…

  • Hobby

    What is your favorite Hobby and Why?

  • Legion Space - Nickname


    I have a few questions about Legion Space. Once I logged in I see this screen:

    Is that "LegionnutzRZF" my nickname or what is it? Also, How am I supposed to change it?

    It does not match my Lenovo ID, Lenovo Passport, Legion Account nor…

  • What gaming deal do you think we may get by the end of this year?

    What kind of deals do you think we will get by the end of December? And major discounts in popular gaming companies?

  • Best Gaming related Black Friday Deals

    What are some of the best gaming Black Friday deals you have seen this year? Doesn't have to be just PCs, could be anything in tech, games, audio, consoles, peripherals, all that good stuff. If you're seeing this after Black Friday it'd still be…

  • Consoles

    What is your favorite console or consoles and why?

  • Franchise

    What is your favorite game franchise, and what is your favorite game on that franchise?

  • How many games do you have on Epic?

    Compared to how many you bought, lmao.
    I have bought like 3 games on Epic and have 416 games just from hoarding all the free stuff.