• Thoughts on the West breaking through at Worlds?

    I wonder if anyone in the West will finally breakthrough at worlds this year. G2 seemed a little a better and so did Team Liquid. It would be nice to actually make a semifinals or something. What do y'all think?

  • Summer plans?

    Maybe a new game you wanted to play? Vacation destination? New hobby?

    Think mine will be picking up rebirth and hopefully finishing by the end of the summer!

    Leave your thoughts below!

  • Highest level/rank you have ever played against

    I have played a level 400

  • Protecting your Gaming PC or laptop....

    What software do you prefer?

  • Mechanical Keyboards for PC Gaming

    Whats your favorite mechanical keyboard for PC gaming? I pretty recently got a Keychron Q1 HE and so far it's been awesome! I think its pretty comparable to the Wooting HE60 although the Keychron has a 75% layout rather than a 60% so it has arrow and…

  • Has our community helped you feel more connected online?

    Hey all - question for everyone here! 

    We're looking for feedback on your experience with the legion community, specifically around connection and mental health. Do you feel that the LGC (Legion Gaming Community) has helped improve your sense of connection…

  • Rumor: Xbox's Next Gen Console being a Handheld

    Do y'all think Xbox's handheld will be a stream only device like PlayStation's or a full fledged device like the Legion Go, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, etc.?

  • Anyone else experiencing these bugs on the newly released Wuthering Waves?

    I run Wuthering Waves off Epic Games, and the first bug that occurs is just opening the game. The launcher does not appear, and requires me to open task manager and end the launcher task and reopen to work. Second bug though is a hard Direct X crash, causing…

  • Multiple monitors vs. Ultrawide?

    Debating between an ultrawide set up or multiple monitors. What kind of monitor set up do you use and why do you like it? Gaming vs. productivity?

  • Lenovo Legion Mouse Pad

    What is the best way to clean this mouse pad? Legion Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad (XL)

    I've been using just a basic kitchen scrub brush and water with light pressure. Haven't seen any damage to the pad, but wondering if there's a better way?

  • Assassin's Creed: Shadows ︎

    Hello Everyone 
    Yesterday, Ubisoft announced that pre-orders for Assassin's Creed: Shadows are now available. Set in Japan, the game is scheduled for release on consoles and PC on November 15th. Assassin’s Creed: Shadows will be available for PC, PlayStation…

  • Are Laptop Coolers Actually Worth It?

    Hi everyone!

    Does laptop coolers actually work, and are they worth their price? Or am I just better off with four erasers supporting the bottom of laptop to increase air flow(when using external keyboard and mouse)?


  • What's the best game for Legion Go?

    I'm thinking of which game is most fun to play using Legion Go. If you have any recommendation let me know. Thank you!

  • Any Recommendations for New Games?

    What games are fun to play? Since my testing season is almost over, I'd like to resume gaming from the place I stopped off. I usually play Valorant, Overwatch, and Forza Horizon 5(on my Xbox). Is there any fun new games that y'all might suggest playing…

  • are you looking forward to its release the 21st ? Senua's saga hellblade 2

    Free with gamepass and pre-order now ^^