• (Ended) CLIP CONTEST - Win a Legion Monitor by showing us your best clip!

    Edit: CONGRATS to our winners, who will each be receiving new Legion monitors!

    1st place: , wins a Y44w!
    2nd place: , wins a Y27q!

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit a video entry.
    Keep an eye out for another device giveaway…

  • JDilla

    Meet JDilla, Community Moderator and Lenovo Legion Affiliate.

    About JDilla

    Hello! I'm Jordan going by Jdilla or Jman online and I'm a content creator on Twitch/Youtube who plays a variety of games but mainly plays FPS/Battle Royales.

    I'm currently…

  • Appreciation post

    I joined this site only a month or two ago, and I have to say I am very impressed at how level headed and positive this community is. I have not seen a single negative post sarcastic or not and I have to say that is very refreshing. I just thought y'all…

  • AimLab Scores or other ways to train gaming skills

    Inspired by the TSM Valorant Aiming video I thought I'd share my latest score from AimLab. I like using it during breaks in the day or warming up before playing online. They've added a lot of new features recently but I still use the basic modes. Anyone…

  • What gifts did you get for the holidays?

    Did you get some new gaming/tech gear this holiday?

    Share it with us here!

    Personally, I was lucky to get a new Elgato Key Light - it's been amazing to help with lighting during my Twitch streams.

    What did you get?! A new Legion PC, console, game…

  • Community Game Night - Among Us

    December 19, 2020 01:00 AM to 03:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time
    Legion Community Discord Server
    Join us for an Among Us game night! We're running public games in the Legion Discord server with voice chat for a few hours this Friday night. The game night will be streamed on my personal Twitch channel for those who want to watch the action...
  • If You Like Subnautica, Try This!

    It’s a space farer's worst nightmare. You’re working and traveling on a spaceship when it is mysteriously forced to make an emergency crash landing on a nearby ocean world. You open the hatch on your escape pod only to discover that you are stuck in…

  • new laptop gamer here

    i must say i have never owned a gaming laptop but i have to say this is the best money i have spent on a gaming laptop this laptop is a beast i can play 99 out of 100 games lenovo legion i5 16 gb with 512 gb of storage i love what i do as far as gaming…

  • Legion Royale Day 1 - Feedback Thread

    Did you play in Day 1 of our Legion Royale event?

    Let us know your thoughts on the event here!

    Be sure to upvote suggestions you agree with, so we can see top community suggestions.

    • What did you think of the survival-only format?
    • Would you rather see…
  • What is the hardest badge to achieve and what is your most proud badge you've obtained?

    I just recently got my 20 kill badge last night on Horizon for the first time and thought what have been your most accomplished badges you've obtained?

    After looking at all of the badges, it seems like 10 kills for each teammate would be extremely…

  • Comment on JDilla

    thank you for taking time to talk to Ben and our LEGION team. 

  • Advantages of New Xbox Console vs Game Pass on PC

    So I have been talking to people about the benefits of buying a console and to me the PS5 makes sense. However, when I look at Xbox and the relationship they have in the PC market I am intrigued why someone would buy an Xbox console. What are some of…

  • Not sure if this counts as a bug or working as intended.

    So with the release of of Season 7 and the Trident vehicle, a new mechanic has arrived which definitely feels like a bug but could be working as intended because who would really want to have Crypto and Rampart on the same team and still call it meta?

  • The Future of Video Games is Bright

    Think back over previous months and years.

    Aside from the expected AAA releases from the likes of Rockstar Games, Ubisoft, and EA, what games have stood out to you, and to gamers at large? What games still hold sway over large swathes of the gaming…