• Attention Span for Games

    The thing with so many games has become that my friend group constantly keeps buying games than abandoning them a month later, yes we may come back in a while but I just feel like it's such a waste for these games. For instance Palworld, 1 month and now…

  • What's your favorite FPS game right now and why?


    I was wondering what everyone's favorite First Person Shooter (FPS) game is right now? What consoles can you play it on? And why do you like it?

    Thnx ^.^

  • The Game That Made You Want an iPad is Now on PC!!!

    What was the first game you downloaded IF you got an iOS device shortly after 2008? I remember being jealous of iOS users because of a specific game. Although I'm an AVID Android fan, always have been always will be, the iPad has always been a staple…

  • What a Billionaire Thinks about Video Games

    When you read the subject title of the post you might think... "I couldn't care less about what a billionaire thinks about video games!" I agree with you. Now you might be wondering... "then why are you posting about this?" I believe…

  • People playing MMOs?

    Any groups of people playing an MMO right now? Are there any Minecraft Servers people are playing on or are people playing WoW SoD (Classic) or WoW Retail? I want to get into a good gaming server with some solid Lenovo Legion gamers.

    If you have other…

  • What is your favorite keyboard to game on?

    Hall Effect / Rapid Trigger boards are the new wave. I've just gotten a Meletrix Boog75 keyboard in, and man, I didn't realize how much more control you could get in games before this first HE keyboard experience. It makes movement feel so *** crisp,…

  • Nintendo's Latest... Victim?

    If you've been paying attention to gaming industry news the past couple of days you've probably heard about Nintendo's latest foray into the legal system, this time with the developers of Yuzu. I believe we all know Nintendo fiercely protects it's IP…

  • Historical analysis of NVIDIA GPUs relative performance, core count and die sizes across product classes and generations

    Hi! With how divisive the pricing and value is for the RTX 40 series (Ada), I've collected and organized data (from TechPowerUp) for the previous 5 generations, that is, starting from Maxwell 2.0 (GTX 9xx) up until Ada (RTX 4xxx), and would like to share…

  • Why can’t EA make a well-rounded game compared to their competitors?

    I hate to admit that I’ve bought Madden for the last decade straight, but only because of their license to create NFL games. I find myself getting so upset that such a terrible game can get developed year after year with no effort to better the game or…

  • If you won a Legion gaming laptop from Lenovo, what's the first game you'll play?

    Just out of pure curiosity, If you won a Legion gaming laptop from Legion, what's the first game you'll play?

    Me, if I won a Lenovo Legion gaming laptop, the first game I'll probably play would be either be DOOM Eternal, Genshin Impact or RoboCop…

  • Monitor Questions

    How many monitors do you game on, one or multiple? What model do you use and would you recommend it to others? What games do you play on it (them)?

  • What is movie or a book you wish they would make into a video game? Do you have any ideas that you think might be a total hit that just haven't got looked at or greenlighted?

    What is a movie or book you wish they would make into a video game? Do you have any ideas that you think might be a total hit that just haven't got looked at or greenlighted?

  • Why does everyone keeps killing each other on GTA online

    Everyone keeps killing each other on GTA online, it sucks sometimes I'm in a mission and someone just runis it for me. Does this happen to you too?

  • Lethal Company! Have you heard of it or played it?

    "Lethal Company is a 2023 co-op indie horror video game developed and published by Zeekerss. It takes place in a retrofuturistic post-apocalyptic dystopia."  -Wikipedia.

    I have not played it however, was looking for games to play over Christmas…

  • Favorite Local Multiplayer?

    I love plugging my laptop into the TV with an HDMI and playing local multiplayer or couch coop with my friends and family. What are your favorite local multiplayer games on Steam?

    Some of my personal favorites are:

    • Duck Game
    • Overcooked 2
    • Plate Up
    • M…