• Community Game Night - League of Legends

    May 14, 2021 12:00 AM to 01:30 AM Coordinated Universal Time
    Legion Community Discord Server
    Join us for community games in League of Legends! Jump into League of Legends games with the Legion community this Thursday, May 13th at 8pm EST // 5pm PST. We'll be joining voice chat in Discord to fill up lobbies with Legion Staff and Community...
  • Play Valorant and AMA with TSM Drone!

    Get a chance to play Valorant with TSM Drone, or ask him anything!

    Join us next Thursday at 1pm EST // 10am PST on Twitch for a special costream with TSM Drone.

    We'll be playing live Valorant "Escalation" games with the Legion Community…

  • Grand Strategy recommendations

    Hi, I'm new to the legion community, just wondering if anyone out there is playing grand strategy games.  Some of my favorites are Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, the Civilization series and Age of Mythology (not quite so grand, but still strategy…

  • If You Like Subnautica, Try This!

    It’s a space farer's worst nightmare. You’re working and traveling on a spaceship when it is mysteriously forced to make an emergency crash landing on a nearby ocean world. You open the hatch on your escape pod only to discover that you are stuck in…

  • Indies anyone? What is your view on Indie games and their role in future gaming.


    I have bought the past few years Indies and most of the proof to be fun. Games like: unturned, Mount and Blade, and Kerbal Space Program had so much success and influence in the development of new games these past 10 years. 
    I´m currently playing…

  • Offers and Black Friday Content

    Anyway we can showcase some of the Black Friday offers in the coming weeks on site? 

  • Favorite Nintendo Series... The Debate

    What's your favorite Nintendo series of all time?

    Nintendo has some of the longest-running series in gaming, plus some very dedicated fandoms behind each one.

    Which series is your all-time favorite, and why? What does it mean to you; what hooked…

  • Franchises you wish to see come back

    As the title says, which franchises would you wish to come back with a new title, an anthology or anything else?

    Personnaly, I'm still waiting on a new Splinter Cell entry, after the surprisingly good Blacklist, I would have thought that they would have…

  • Advice for First-Time PC Buyers

    In 2020, more people are trying PC gaming than ever before.

    For first-time PC buyers, learning everything you need to know to start PC gaming can be overwhelming. 

    What are your tips for those who want to start playing on PC, but don't know where to start…

  • RTX 3000 Series GPUs Announced - Discussion Thread

    The new RTX Series 3000 cards are here!

    The RTX 3000 graphics cards are set to change the game in terms of gaming performance this year.

    What are your thoughts on the new cards?

  • Announcing our first Legion Phone - the Legion Duel!

    Earlier this year, we announced the first-ever Legion phone, dubbed the Legion Duel.

    You can see the full announcement at this link.

    Although this product is only available in select countries, we want your feedback!

    What are your thoughts on the design…

  • Minecraft Characters Join Super Smash Bros

    The madmen actually did it... Steve from Minecraft is coming to Smash!

    But he's not alone - Steve will be joined by Enderman, Alex, and Zombie in the official Super Smash Bros roster.

    Although we've only seen a quick trailer for these characters…

  • TSM Signs the first-ever esports org chess player, Hikaru

    TSM is moving into... Chess!?

    With the radical popularity of Chess on Twitch lately, TSM has decided to jump the trend by signing one of the most prolific chess players: Hikaru.

    What are your thoughts on this pickup? Do you feel that we'll see more chess…