So I made a post about video games I wish were made into tv series/movies. Now I would like to know your thoughts on movies/shows that you want video games made into. We are seeing more movie franchises coming into the world of modern gaming lately with…

  • best game with good storyline in your opinion??

    looking for games that have good lore and story, feel free to send any suggestions 

  • Epic Games weekly free game

    Starting at 8am PT, we'll have two free games to claim on Epic.

    Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!
    Lost Castle

    If you haven't already grabbed it, ending at 8am PT

    Doors: Paradox

    is still free.

  • Games that explore the oceans/waters?

    Hey guys, there are many open world games out there, but do you know games that allow you to explore the underwater? I'm looking for games for my 10 and 12 year olds. Thanks.

  • How many PCs do you have in use at your house?

    I'd like to know - how many computers (Windows, Mac, Linux or Chromebook, desktop, laptop or mini PC) do you have in operation in your home?

    I have my Legion 5 gaming laptop, a ThinkCentre desktop as a home server, and two Lenovo Chromebooks - one…

  • Wired earphones

    Any suggestions for wired earphones for LeGo?

  • Franchise

    What is your favorite game franchise, and what is your favorite game on that franchise?

  • Desktop or Laptop? How to choose a new device.

    What are your thoughts on the age old question: "Should I get a desktop or a laptop"?

    Each group has it's own benefits and drawbacks. I have included my thoughts below on the pros of each to hopefully help you make the right decision for…

  • Is the 4080 super or 7800xtx better

    The nvadia 4080 Super has been released recently at the msp of around 1000 dollars. This is a huge improvement over the regular 4080 getting more cores and other features, making it perform much closer to the 7900xtx. The 4080 is more suitable for people…

  • Laptop or Handheld

    What’s better? Lenovo Legion 5 or Lenovo Legion Go?

  • Would You Rent Access to A High End Legion Desktop On The Cloud?

    You all probably heard of cloud gaming platforms like Nvidia Geforce Now, the dead Stadia, and Xbox Cloud where you can remote play your games on cloud machines.

    There is another service called Shadow PC which is similar except you have full access to…

  • Food or Snack

    What is your favorite food or snack?

  • Vote for the Legion Community Game of the Year 2023!

    2023 was an amazing year for video games, but which title was the best of the best?

    To find out, we’ve selected a shortlist of top games from the last 12 months, and we want YOU to vote for your favourite to be crowned Legion Community Game of…

  • 4060 vs 4070

    I’ve seen a lot of discussion this year about the 4060 laptop cards being overly similar to the 4070 in performance to the point that the discussion seems more between a 4060 or a 4080. I’ve had my eye on the legion 5 pro for a long time now, as I’m still…

  • Are there good MMORPGs on PC with combat system similar to the "Tales of" series?

    Anime art style would be a plus, but a solid in depth action based combat system like the Tales of series is the main thing I'm looking for (Tales of Grace F being the best imo in that aspect).

    Short of an MMO, any multiplayer RPG with such combat…