• What's Your Comfort Game? ("Spirit of the Island" Keys)

    What's your "Comfort" game?

    Is there a game that you always come back to playing? What's your most-replayed game? Or, what game is always great to play when you're stressed out?
    Let me know in the comments below, and in a few hours…

  • Favorite Gaming-related Holiday Gift?

    What's your favorite gaming-related gift you've ever received? 

    If you've never received one or don't celebrate, tell us what gaming system in the past was your overall favorite!
    Let me know in the comments below, and for a few hours I'l…

  • Retro Gaming Resources?

    So, I'm curious if there are any resources for finding retro / abandonware games through Legion's website or Legion Arena? I must admit I've wandered around here, starstruck and distracted, for so long, I've become a bit dislocated. Eep!…

  • What's the best Laptop out there for gaming and work?

    I always recommend the Legion 7i in general, however, I have the 5i and it's excellent, fast and I can rely on it. What are your opinions?

  • Who is ready for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

    Pokémon Scarlet and Violet releases in less than a month. How excited is everyone? Have you preordered the game yet? If so, what were the best deals you could scavenge? What starter Pokémon is your favorite out of the three? I am team Fuecoco! The small…

  • Movies

       What movie are you looking forward to seeeing?

  • Games that have no hype but are fantastic

    What are some games that got no attention but you absolutely love. For me personally it's crystal project

  • What you really think about the Xbox app on Windows?

    What you really think about the Xbox app on Windows?

    What you love and What you hate, what is you real opinion about the Xbox App on Windows.

  • Favorite Games to play on non-gaming work or school laptop PC's

    I know everyone has a crap laptop PC that gets used for school or work and thus is with us all of the time. I would like to know what everyone plays in the way games on these low-powered machines for grins while NOT working on school or job related matters…

  • Does anyone else use the Legion Y44W-10 43 inch Ultrawide Monitor for gaming in 2022?

    I have had the Lenovo Legion Y44w-10 Ultrawide monitor for almost 2 years and the screen real estate has been wonderful for WFH since day one. Only about a year ago did I start playing Rocket League on it as I have console gaming set up in another room…

  • Does anyone think Zelda is age appropriate for all ages?

    I read a forum speaking on the topic of age requirements to play Zelda. I remember when I used to play games at the age of 6 and encountered game playing earlier than that, which included various age-rated games. The controversy struck when there was…

  • Does Street Fighter 6 have potential to be the best Fighting Game of all time?

    I think SF6 has potential to be the best fighting game of all time because its looking to have everything we could ever want including amazing visuals, solid gameplay and mechanics, waifus and more. What do you all think?

  • What games do you play while working?

    I'm an editor and motion designer. A lot of my day is sitting around waiting for processing times/renders/file transfers/etc - so I enjoy having a small game that can occupy some of this time (while not totally bogging down my PC).
    So far, I've enjoyed…

  • Nvidia, Radeon and ARC GPUs

    I know it's a bit early, but I wanted to know your thoughts- I'm sure a majority of us have been pondering about this...

    Nvidia hit us with their new line up regarding the 40 series and the price tag that comes with it, AMD has a opportunity to…

  • Know any good co-op dungeon crawlers like Gauntlet?

    Spent quite a few weeks playing Gauntlet Slayer Edition with 3 other guys. We powered through the campaign and then spent about 20 hours on the final boss). The game was great. Would anyone have any suggestions on a co-op like Gauntlet?