• Which GPU is better AMD’s RX 6600S vs NVIDIA’s RTX 3060?

    Planning to buy a new laptop and I need help. 

  • How many hours playing

    Hi everyone! Usually, how many hours a day do you spend playing? When do you play, at night or during the day? 
    Enjoy the rest

  • [CLOSED] Forum Giveaway - Grab a FREE key for 'NecroBouncer' by answering a question!

    This week, we've got 50 keys for rogue-like dungeon crawler NecroBouncer up for grabs!

    To grab your key, simply answer the question below:

    In keeping with NecroBouncer's underworld nightclub setting, what one video game character would you love to…

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    To all who celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving! And to everyone - may your days be filled with good times, great friends, and plenty of gaming  : )

  • New Profile Feature - Display your gaming and social handles!

    Hello Legion!

    Just want to make you aware of a new feature we added to your profiles yesterday - you can now add your Steam, Twitter, and Twitch Handles to your Community Profile!

    These details will appear on your public profile - as modeled here by Ben…

  • (Ended) Hell is Others - Game Key Sweepstakes

    Hell is Others US - Sweepstakes

    Enter for your chance to win a free "Hell is Others" Steam key!

    Hell is Others is a survival horror PVPVE top-down shooter. Outside the safety of your apartment lies the noir hellscape that is Century City. A city…

  • Prize Draw - Hell is Others

    Your chance to win one of thirty full-game keys!

    Hell is Others - UK Prize Draw

    A unique, multiplayer online survival game, Hell is Others allows you to progress your character by way of customizable items you obtain for your apartment. Grow your own ammunition…

  • Prize Draw - Midnight Ghost Hunt

    Midnight Ghost Hunt - UK Prize Draw

    Midnight Ghost Hunt is a ghostly multiplayer hide-and-seek game! Lying in wait across a series of cursed locations, relentless spirits stalk the halls. Assigned to eliminate them are the Ghost Hunters, armed to the teeth…

  • What is your single favorite "scary" game of all time, and why?

    EDIT: Keys are closed for today! Stay tuned later this week for more.
    You're still able to participate in the discussion of course 

    What single "scary" game is your favorite you've ever played, and why?

    Let me know in the comments below…

  • What game(s) are you playing this Halloween weekend?

    EDIT: Keys are closed for today! Stay tuned later on Monday for more.
    You're still able to participate in the discussion of course

    What game(s) are you playing this Halloween weekend? 

    Are you celebrating spooky season with horror games, or playing…

  • Prize Draw - Win a Limited Edition Legion Mousepad!

    Lenovo Legion 2022 Mousepad Event

    To celebrate the launch of the 2022 Legion Laptop series, we're giving away a limited edition Legion mousepad to FIVE HUNDRED lucky winners.

    These mousepads have been designed exclusively for this event - they won…