• Do you miss buying games in boxes?

    Remember when games came in boxes that were like 20 times the size of the disc? lol

    I still have like a ton from ages past

  • What happened to the Lenovo Legion?!?

    Lenovo made potentially the best all around laptop of last generation which I will even say considering I had 7 defective units in a row lol. But what happened? This years Legion 5 & 7 removed so many nice features and really toned down the design a lot…

  • best lenovo legion gaming laptop?(your own opinion)

    what do you think is the best lenovo legion gaming laptop?

  • Fan errors and "Initialize Library Failed"

    I sent my PC (Legion T5-26AMR5) in to the Repair Center for a warranty repair. On startup I was getting alarms and multiple fan errors even though the fans were working fine and an "Initialize Library Failed" error that prevented Windows from booting…