• 4060 vs 4070. Which one do you recommend for light gaming and portability

    I'm looking for a laptop that will be my second and mobile setup as I already have a desktop.

    I'm concerned about the battery life and heat while not gaming, but I want to game occasionally on it.

    The main game I play is Warzone.

    Let me know…

  • What's your favorite free to play game?

    It's always nice when theres a good game you can enjoy without being charged :P

  • Word Games

    What are your favorite word games or puzzles?

  • What’s better? Gaming PC or Laptop & RTX 4060 vs RTX 4070?

    Hey guys my cousin wants to start gaming and so I wanted to ask what do you think the advantages are of having a gaming laptop compared to a gaming pc. Thanks guys. Also, with the RTX 4060 be good for most games or should I consider getting the RTX 4070…

  • What's the best thing that you've won/received for free?

    What is the best thing you've ever won or received as a gift... KEEP IT CLEAN!

    I won $100 on a radio call in once! It was pretty cool!


    If you are grabbing the free Europa Universalis IV on Epic, you can also get 3 DLCs for free along with it.
  • Mechanical Engineering Student Recommendation

    I am going to be starting college in the next coming weeks as a mechanical engineering student, and I was wondering if anybody with similar experience could help me out. I have a Legion Slim 7i Gen 8 (i7-13700H, 4060, 16 GB RAM) and I am considering adding…

  • Anyone use Legion gaming laptops for creating animated videos?


    I have been checking into gaming laptops because I've heard the specs required for gaming likewise supports the specs best needed to create animated music videos and films.  Does anyone on this group create animations using their gaming laptop…

  • Trend of modern game development

    Well, Larian Studios hit it out of the park with the popular release of Baldur's Gate 3. The close interaction with the community helped with most of the big issues for the game. 

    Meanwhile Diablo 4 also had a few beta sessions, but how about Season…

  • Add colonies of the US in US giveaways

    It's strange enough that certain places are not allow to partake in competitions, even when they are in the country of said competitions, but it's also bad that they don't ask for a second location to sent said rewards in the US to later have the winner…

  • Nintendo Switch

    Will Nintendo change their online service so that it is a reasonable price.

  • Could we ever see phones have mini versions of desktop GPU's like laptops do nowadays?

    As the title says, we've all seen how powerful the new flagship phones wre getting, as well as the components in them and how capable they are of handling a loot of things, like heavy gaming, high quality video streaming, etc. And with all of these new…

  • Tibia, from an excellent game to a pay to win... what do you guys think about it?

    Tibia was my first open world game, and it was probably one of the best games I ever played, I tried to play couple of days ago, and I don't know, it was not the same, in the past you can pay for premium wich give you a boost but still it was fair for…

  • Have you won a giveaway here?

    Has anyone here won a giveaway from here? Did it help change your life?

  • Considering a Gaming Laptop for both work and pay.... Help!

    I've recently started studying for a google certificate program in IT Support. I have a PC at home already that is gaming capable, but once I get a new job (hopefully soon) both my wife and I will need access to computers at any time during the work day…