• Storage questions about legion 7 slim laptop. 82K80001US

    Ive had this laptop for about a year and am looking to upgrade the storage from 512gb ssd to 1,512 by adding a tb of storage. Before I buy the storage I just wanted to make sure that there is a extra slot. Thank you in advance!

  • NEW Lenovo Legion 7i - i9 13900KF + RTX 4080 First Look

    Hey Guys, I just received the new Lenovo Legion 7i with the i9 13900KF and RTX 4080. Just did a quick first look video on YouTube if anyone is interested in this PC.

  • Best Tips to Maximize Performance of New Legion 7i Pro Gen 8 Laptop

    Hello everyone!  I just picked up a new Legion 7i Pro Gen 8 laptop (4070).  I would like to get the most performance out of the laptop as possible.  What are some tips or tricks that you've used on this laptop or similar machines to maximize performance…

  • Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Gen 6 16ACH6H -- RTX 3070

    Was looking around and found this model for $1300 dollars US, currently looking for my first laptop and wanted to know if this is good value for price or if I can find better? 

  • Memory upgrades for Legion 5....

    So I am hoping that I have chosen the right group to post this to. When I purchased my Legion 5 17in Laptop, I was told by the support rep, that upgrading any hardware would void my warranty... Now, as gamers, we all know that upgrading hardware is a…

  • Legion Pro 5i Gen 8 Possible Release Date?

    When do you think the new Legion Pro gen 8 laptops will be available on Lenovo website? I have seen some preorders on others sites but nothing on Lenovo's.

  • Best price/performance for Lenovo laptops and desktops. (Open opinion - discussion)

    For myself I was looking at buying a tower instead of making or building a new one and not another full tower but if they price of a laptop was right I could do that too. 

    There are some very nice looking deals with 40 even 60% off mostly in the laptop…

  • Legion 5 or 5i - any big difference for gaming?

    I’m thinking about replacing my aging desktop with a Legion 5 laptop, but I’m wondering about going with an AMD CPU (Legion 5) or (Legion 5i). I’m not too interested in productivity performance, as other than gaming I don’t do anything that’s too CPU…

  • Chat GPT 4.0 Chat GPT 4.0


    OpenAI, the developer of the famous Chat GPT program - which provides you with answers to many of your questions with artificial intelligence that gives you a very large correct answer in addition to a simple and easy-to-understand language - announced…

  • Legion K500 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Hello all. I recently bought the 15IAH7H (Legion 5i Gen 7 with RTX 3060) laptop. The internal keyboard is good, but it gets quite warm during gaming. Also, having an external keyboard is good for posture, so I was thinking of purchasing a keyboard to…

  • Question about Arcane: is it worth watching for non-LoL players, or will too many things go over my head as I watch it?

    I ask this because I was interested and saw lots of good praise, but I only played a couple hours of League with friends and never bothered to come back to the game or its community.

  • Support Climbing?

    FIrst off LP system sucks...14 LP for a win and lose 16 when I lose? Whatever...anyway...Is there a better overall support for engagers than naut? I play a lot of thresh but people can't click lantern...

  • New Champion Main Suggestion

    Hello, I am an old head LoL player and I was wondering what new champions I should try out and main! I play all roles so any suggestion will help!

  • For The Newbie or Never Played

    So here's the thing. I'm generally an RPG person. But I am also looking for something that I can jump into and play. With shorter or limited sessions. Something to do where I don't have to spend three hours wandering around gathering jute. I would kind…

  • Adapting to new changes

    Haven't played league in a while - there's a lot of weird new changes that I'm not used to like these supposed jungle pets, new champs, etc. How do you go about adapting to these?