• Greatest League of Legends heroe

    Please leave your comments and why do you consider them the best.

  • Is Akshan busted in ARAM?

    Imo Akshan's E is incredibly unbalanced in ARAM, especially late game when timers are 40+ seconds. It's really not fair to be able to almost ace the entire enemy team then have Akshan just revive them back all to life while you're all low on HP. I think…

  • How to win as a top laner? And LOL ranked queuing algorithm.

    ~90% of the time I win lane/go even, but ~70% of the time bot will lose hard, and I mean HARD. Then their whole team will come top and dive me and etc.

    I can't do much for the team before 14 min since I have to be laning with the other top laner, and…

  • About league

    In League of Legends, players form teams of five and compete against each other in matches that typically last between 20 and 60 minutes. Each player selects a champion to play as, with over 150 champions currently available in the game. Each champion…

  • Pyke alternative builds

    I have seen many deviation in the way people have been building pyke lately. From tear and other uncommon items 

  • Teemo assassin.

    Could someone give me some pointers on how to build effective Teemo Assasin? Thanks :)

  • Your thought on new ADC buffs?

    Leave your comments here on this season changes/buffs to ADCs. I literally play Jhin as support and ended up wrecking the kill boards.

  • Is Rod of Ages Lillia viable?

    I've been playing RoA Lillia a bit top lane for matchups w champs that drain health like urgot, what other legendary items would help make this more viable?

  • heartsteel

    why do so many players in aram go for heartsteel

  • Control Wards!

    How often/when do you believe someone should be investing in control wards? Does it depend on role, lead or item dependency? I have heard mixed opinions on whether a champion should save every gold piece for their next item for a power spike or whether…

  • Tips for dota support player who's starting out with league

    Hi, I used to play dota 2 for a long time and am now trying to get a fresh experience and wanted to give league a try to see how it plays in comparison. I'm mainly a support player but a lot of mechanics that you do in dota like dewarding, deny creeps…